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GHSV1 to GSHV1 transmission

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Do you know anything about kissing someone after they have had an oral outbreak. Here is the thing, my boyfriend gets cold sores which I didnt know until, I was diagnosed with GHSV1  September 2018, after 2 years of knowing him, a little over 1 year of a committed relationship. 

My boyfriend had recently had an outbreak and I have been afraid to kiss him, despite me knowing I’m already positive genitally. I have already had to deal with the emotions of him passing this on to me genitally, but I do not want this orally too. 

Has your doctor spoke on this? Do you know if I should stay clear for some time even after the sore clears? If I even think I’m about to have an outbreak I stay clear of him, but now that his sore cleared just 3 days ago, he wants to kiss. Is it too soon? 

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That’s how I got it from my boyfriend. Now I have genital and he has oral...what’s worse? I was crushed for months after finding out. I couldn’t think about nothing else, but this and sometimes I even wonder if he knew better, but then something comes over me and I believe he didn’t know I could get it, outside of a sore being present. My only issue is...I didn’t know he had OHSV to begin with. 2 years ago I remember him complaining about a sore on his mouth, but he never called it a cold sore and he didn’t make it clear to me that he had OHSV at the time. I won’t let myself get mad at him, because I don’t want to become consumed with anger, but part of me wonder if he knew he got cold sores even before that incident 2 years ago. 

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Hmm. I guess I would feel genital is worse, but is it really?  

I will say I was married many, many years and I only vaguely knew I couldn't kiss or give oral if a sore was present. I just had no idea how potentially serious my fever blisters were. My husband never got it, at least never had a breakout.  Your boyfriend was probably like that (uninformed and unaware.)  And since it sounds like his sores pop up rarely, it just may have never occurred to him. 

You're very kind. My partner was furious with me and unleashed his anger full force for a few weeks. I can't blame him, but it hurt. 

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@Dreamer07 Sorry this happened to you. The reality is that because of its prevalence people just dont feel the need to disclose OHSV1 and yet its responsible for something like 50% of all new GHSV cases. I dated a women who didnt tell me till years later, I didnt catch it but still, she should have told me. 

@mjbn123 this is basically auto inoculation , while not impossible its improbable as the antibodies should be present in their blood, outside of its hiding place in the ganglia HSV is a wimp. fresh new sore and even a micro abrasion can potentially lead to transmission.

@sweetlove884 sorry your partner reacted so strongly.

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