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Life with herpes ain't so bad

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In the beginning I thought my life was over no one would want to be close or have an intimate relationship with me ever again. there was even a period when I tried to start back in the world of closeness again but everything blew up in my face. A whole whack of people found out my secret from one whom I thought I could trust. I felt worse than I did before and even more hopeless. But there is a silver lining to my story as for right now anyway ...


I asked the universe for a companion who shared the same beliefs as me, was interested in the same things, and who could accept me for who I am. On my birthday the universe answered with someone I'll just call "the fox." We flirted and teased each other. I was having a lot of fun. I even mentioned to my bestie right away that this one I want to tell, before anything happens because I can see it working out.


After having a good night hanging out, a nice dream about potential futures, waking up to a text that said "hey, btw do you have herpes," is not the magical morning I could hope for. Told by another "trustworthy" soul the fox was scared as I knew he would be. And I told him he had every right to be. Instead of screaming in my face an calling me names and threatening me like the last time, the fox listened to everything I had to say, he had questions, I answered truthfully to the best of my abilities.


Now, instead of running the opposite direction, he told me how sorry he was we couldn't be that close, but I was still welcome to cuddle closeness and sleepovers. It's now May and my birthday was in February ... We are together as a couple now, we sleep together and kiss and are close all the time. It took time, and patience. But thanks to him, my fox, I've realised that herpes does not define who I am but is now just a part of who I am, something that can be accepted can be maintained and is not something to freak out about.


It took the fox accepting me for me to realise I am still just as awesome and lovable as ever. I am so happy now and hey I look at it like you can't catch the same thing twice right? :)


That's my story.

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I have a huge smile on my face right now. HUGE.


SO happy for you! I'm glad you're seeing that you deserve love and awesomeness in your life. You do deserve all that. I'm glad he's seeing everything you have to offer instead of just seeing herpes. Says a lot about him, too. Sounds like a good match from my perspective. ;)


And remember that regardless of what happens in this relationship that you will always deserve to be happy, to be loved. This is a good reminder of that. Sometimes it takes someone else loving us despite having herpes to prove to us that we deserved that the whole time.


Much love, jubejube! Enjoy the blossoming of this relationship! Congrats!


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