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How long does Valacyclovir take to kick in to protect my partner against herpes?

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How long before having sex do I need to take Valacyclovir to protect my partner? (FYI: I also use condoms and discuss safe sex, sexual history, and have consent conversations.)

If I want to start up Valacyclovir for suppressive therapy so as to protect my partners, how long before we have sex do I need to take it for it to be in effect? I don't want to take it everyday all the time.

All the answers I've found online are only saying how long it takes to take effect against an actual outbreak. What I want to know is if I don't have an outbreak but want to take it just before sex to protect my partner (like I might take Viagra), how long before sex do I have to take it for the beneficial effects to kick in?

I'm not currently very sexually active and I rarely get outbreaks, so I don't take Valacyclovir daily, but I'd like to take it OCCASIONALLY, like before a date or a romantic vacation.

Thank you.

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Hi there! If I remember correctly, Terri Warren told us in a Q&A session that she would suggest waiting at least a week to make sure it has enough time to do it's suppression thing. 

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