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Update to both questions: Two herpes questions from a newbie: Chapped lips, waxing?

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I had my first herpes outbreak last month was good for like a week having another one but very minor so far. No outbreaks on my lips but my lips are very dry and chapped. I go back and forth with this because I’m so paranoid. I think it could possibly be the meds and vitamins that is causing this…thoughts?


Also, I am of Mediterranean descent and have a medium to darker complex. I have gotten my lip and eyebrows waxed forever……. now I am so scared to get waxed!! Do you think waxing will bring out the virus on my lip? Does anyone have experience with this? Please help….I can’t stand looking at myself!!



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Hi there!


Are your outbreaks genitally? Or orally?

It is highly unlikely you are infected with the virus genitally and also orally, though it is possible if you are a carrier of HSV1 and HSV2. Do you know which type you have?


The only way to know for sure if waxing will bring about an outbreak is to just go get waxed, and see what happens. That would be a good time for you to learn about your body's prodome signals too. Or if you really don't want to take the risk, try using Nair hair remover on your lip :)

I have HSV1 genitally and have shaved before and did not get an outbreak. In fact, I have only had ONE outbreak (my initial one) in March. Waxing can be traumatic to the skin, but shaving down there is also no walk in the park!

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Hi, Thank you for writing. I don't know for sure but I have only had an outbreak genitally. However, my lips are dry and chapped probably not that bad but every little thing is making me crazy {I started using Carmex was too scared to use it before} and it might be the meds and vitamins I am taking.


I guess your're right, if I don't try, I will never really know. I have shaved down there and it's been fine. It's my face I'm worried about......I need to get rid of this hair!! lol {Again, it's probably not that bad just me!!} Thank you again...I so happy I found this site...

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I'm sure the chapped lips are a side effect of medication or maybe lack of water? If you had a cold sore (herpes on your lips) they would appear as sores and be kinda crusty eventually. It would likely be a localized spot and not just dry, chapped lips.

When my lips get really chapped I slather on Vaseline before I go to bed. It really helps :)

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Hey connect!


Welcome from the Mediterranean! I love that we're a global community of people supporting one another to heal. How cool! :)


SunnyDays is right. Don't start blaming chapped lips on herpes. Herpes doesn't create chapped lips. :) I know it may seem like every strange thing your body is doing from here on out is the result of this virus being in your system, but recognize how your mind can create things out of paranoia, too. And yes, waxing your lip around where you normally get an outbreak may cause an outbreak to occur, but so can a lot of things. Again, I'm with SD on saying go ahead and try and see what happens. You'll get to know your body better and know what brings on outbreaks and what doesn't. And hey, 80% of people have herpes on their lips, so don't let this very, very, very common virus cause you to start believing you're some monster who doesn't deserve to look at themselves in the mirror without judging. This is your opportunity to love and accept yourself deeper than ever now. You don't deserve to treat yourself with those kind of thoughts. The thoughts you think become the words you use. The words you use become your experience of your life. Here are a few articles from the H Opp blog that might help:






Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Thank you and I agree with both of you...I would like to make one thing clear...I'm not blaming the chapped lips on Herpes but rather the meds and vitamins. I'm working on the paranoia too I'm fighting hard!! lol I'm the first one to admit it.....EVERY LITTLE F-ING THING HAS ME THINKING.......I keep saying to myself...do I really need to know my body this well? I know for sure some of these paranoia's have been here I just didn't think about them before.


I have not had a outbreak on my lips but do have something going on and it may be a breakout or it may be the meds. making my lips chapped. I do have tingling in my ear (so I'm figuring it's coming}


Back to the issue at hand.....I feel like a hairy monster {which isn't really that bad or noticeable but it bothers me) because I have gotten my lip wax every 2 weeks for the past 20 years! lol It's now been over a month without a waxing. As crazy as it sounds, I a little more concerned about the hairy inherited lip right now ROFL. I'm cracking up because I am having pretty embarrassing personal convo with complete strangers, who truly if not for them {you} I would have never gotten through the last 6 weeks. A million thank yous and keep the good work up...... so many are benefiting. Cheers my friends.

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Just wanted to update {just in case anyone else ever had this issue} The Nair hair remover on my lip worked out just fine!! lol They sell a tube that is made to apply to smaller areas. I held my breath and applied it and it worked just fine.....the hair monster no more!! As for the chapped lips...they've gotten better and I use Carmex when I remember. It's crazy, one realizes just how much one really neglects themselves when faced with having to pay attention to yourself!!


I'm about 8/9 weeks into this {feels like years} and it's tough navigating but I will keep moving along. Thanks for all your encouraging and supportive words. I truly don't know how I would be able to move forward without this forum. Wish I knew how to find my spirit again {suggestions welcomed}....I guess I need to just allow time to work it's magic.

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Heya connect! Thanks for the check-in! Glad your hair beast is tamed for now. :)


And to that whole finding-your-spirit again thing, I'm in the midst of creating the home study course (for now, I'm calling it the Herpes Opportunity FindLove Program). It'll be just what your spirit is needing. :)

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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