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Herpes outbreak on lower back. What do I do?

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So, I was diagnosed 8 years ago with HSV2. But the weird part is I only get it once or twice a year at most and have gone over a year with nothing. Even more strange is that I only get a breakout on my back (mid-side). I have never had any kind of breakout 'south of the border'. I was in what I thought was a committed relationship (it wasn't). We split up last year and he (who gave it to me) just goes along like he has no worries dating and sleeping with whomever. My doc said that my outbreaks don't occur enough to warrant daily antivirals. He also said that since I have had zero outbreaks other than that one spot on my back, that the chances of passing it through normal sex are minimal at best. He said that as long as I'm practicing safe sex, then my partner should be fine. I'm talking to a new guy and haven't disclosed this to him as of yet. I don't know how or when it is appropriate. I would love some advice concerning what my doc said. He also called it Type 2 Wrestler's Herpes bc I used to be in contact sports long ago and he thinks I may have gotten it there instead of from my ex. But I didn't have any kind of breakout until after I slept with my ex. Please help. I feel like I want to just give up on life. Some people have suggested going on one of those dating sites for people who are positive, but I don't have anything going on down there and I don't want to risk having anything going on down there! What do I do??

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Hi there, I actually get it on my arm near my elbow and have been tested and it is HSV2. My first outbreak was a week after I was with an ex for the first time. He did have it so nothing to figure out there and it was my first outbreak because a lovely flu with 106 temp came with it :( that was six and a half years ago and I think now that I'm dating again after a bad marriage ... I am disclosing even though I'm on daily and my doctor said the same that chances are less than one percent of me passing it. It's still the right thing to do as even less than one percent is a gamble with someone's health that they should have a say in. It's tough but it's the right thing to do :) just find someone worth the risk of rejection and you'll be fine :) either way. Good luck!

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Thanks for the response! When I had my initial outbreak, I got one on my arm near my elbow as well, but it has never returned. Only the one on my back. And even when I have a breakout it only lasts about 3 days total versus the usual 7-10. I'm glad to know that someone else was told the same thing. Can I ask if you have ever transmitted that you are aware of? Also, my doc said that if I had been asymptomatic, then there would be more concern, but that since it presented on the skin and only in that one place (except for that once) then thats why it would be so minimal. Is that similar to what your doc said?

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