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Dating success!

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Hi all,

I just wanted to write a little update. So long story short, diagnosed Aug 18, devastated, dumped soon after by the awful man that lied to me and gave it me. Met a guy in Nov 18, dated him very casually, saw it as pointless because of having genital herpes but persevered. WORST SECONDITIONS OUTBREAK EVER in Dec that lasted nearly 3 weeks I was literally rock bottom it was awful. 

OK so the latest is, I carried on seeing this guy throughout all of the bad times. I told him in Jan about my condition. He was nice but quite worried, understandably so we took this super slow (no sex.) Then last Friday WE HAD SEX!!! Hooray! I feel normal again!

I NEVER thought that I'd feel like this and it would have worked out with this guy. He is really sweet and a good person and I feel so lucky. So many times when I was really depressed and especially when I was having the 3 week long outbreak I nearly just called it all off with him but now I'm so glad I didn't. 

This H thing can take you to some really low places. However bad things get PLEASE keep going, things will get better I promise.

Good luck everyone x


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Congratulations! I still remember (very fondly!) the first time my boyfriend and I had sex after I disclosed to him...we didn't wait nearly as long (maybe a minute? lol), but it was still such a great feeling that he knew and wanted to carry on with me because it wasn't a big deal to him and he wanted to be with ME, H and all.

We're still together and things are great. I agree that things are never as bad as we make them in our heads. In my head, I had played out SO many scenarios of how the disclosure would go. And in a lot of them, he rejected me...and I was SOOOO in my head that I was terrified to tell him. He had previously told me that he was clear of all STDs...so I was even more terrified to tell him! And then it was seriously nothing. I didn't make a big deal of it, and I still made it a bigger deal than he did. He seriously gave absolutely zero shits about my HSV status. Literally told me "that's nothing".

I hope I never have to disclose again. This guy could really be the one...time will tell. 

Congrats again! Now go get ya some more sex! 🙂 

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