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Urethra and herpes? (Male)

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Hi everyone, 

I’m here looking for some advice and comparison since my doctor just thinks I’m hyper-focused on what he believes is skin irritation. 

Let me start by saying all symptoms I’ve experienced began 15 days after a risky exposure with a hyper sexual girl who claims she is clean, but won’t get a herpes blood test because she’s confident. We used protection, but there was a brief moment were she jumped onto me with no protection and I immediately told her to get off (total 10sec vaginal penetration). 

Basically two weeks pass were I was fine, but definitely over washing my penis with gel soap because of paranoia. On the 15th day I remember masturbating longer than usual and then showering using more soap than usual and definitely getting it inside my urethra (stupid I know). Later that night the pain began (possible trigger?).

For the next four weeks I had intense pain on and off which felt like was inside my penis. My glans head was also extremely red/dry for three weeks or so which eventually faded after using some hydrocortisone. Let me give you a timeline:

Week 1 - possible exposure 

Week 3 - symptoms begin with internal tingling pain and glans redness, but no blisters, no pain during urination, not “classic” herpes visually. I visit my doctor who says I’ve just irritated it by washing. (I’m not convinced) So we blood test for all STDs including HSV IgG and everything comes negative.

Week 4 - still in major pain, I go to see a urologist because my urethra still looks inflamed and has a tiny red area inside, but not a fluid blister. Only thing he can say is try some Acyclovir for 7 days and see what happens. While on Acyclovir I feel like I had some relief the next day, but then it was on and off pain and still present even after all the medication was finished. Original doctor said I could had a placebo affect.

Week 5 - I retest and second IgG blood test comes back negative for both HSV types. Doctor think it’s all in my head. The pain comes back when I’m sitting or working out, not as consistent, but still very present. 

Week 6 - Pain has basically faded away except for one instance while working out. Also, began to experience some minor twitching in my legs/thighs while in bed at night, not painful. Urethra still looks the same and abnormal with a red spot inside. Urination is not painful at all, no discharge.

Week 7 - I’m not having anymore pain, but still worried about how my urethra looks inside. I can attached some pictures from when it was highly irritated around week 4, it has since relieved a bit, but not much visual difference.

Guys, what does your urethra look like inside? This is the first time I’ve actually cared to look inside there and I’m 29 years old lol. It’s doesnt look normal...

If it was urethral herpes wouldn’t it have faded off by now? After nearly 7+ weeks and trying acyclovir? What does your urethra look like inside? I have not used soap on my penis for weeks just warm water to clean. I’m going to retest in another couple months. It’s just a waiting game now, but this new minor twitching is concerning me a bit, could be anxiety, this is the most stressed I’ve been about anything health related. It’s constantly on my mind. Sorry for the long post. Please advise if you can and I can send pictures. My thought is urethral herpes, but there’s no pain while urinating? I’m so confused.

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52 minutes ago, Fmals said:

You sound like the a male version of me...

sorry I have nothing more helpful to add.

Thanks for reading. So much confusion right? I hope I’m not in denial, but I have faith in god. How are you doing?

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for IgG the most accurate "wait time" with 92% accuracy, yes 92% is the suggestive sensitivity that IgG test has been studied by the UW, is 12 weeks for hsv2, but only 70% hsv1

By 16 weeks a Western Blot test should can be ordered for 99.9% accuracy for hsv2 & 96% for hsv1,

also No antivirals during the "seroconversion time frame" for accurate results.

Any lesions , redness, or discharged should be swabbed with NAAT or PCR no culuture. Surface Antigen swab me be used in place of culture, " but does not differentiate between type 1 or 2.

Your symptoms suggestive balantis, which is mainly due to fungal or Mycobacterium

Hope that helps

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55 minutes ago, sadguy2019 said:

Your symptoms suggestive balantis, which is mainly due to fungal or Mycobacterium

Hope that helps

Thanks for the feedback. After re-reading my original post, the pain I was experiencing was sooo intense for almost 4 weeks before starting to fade. I hope you’re right about balanitis. Still doesn’t explain how my urethra looks inside (inflammed) with a little red spot(s) and my glans doesn’t really look like it used to before all this.

If it is some minor version of urethral herpes, I’m noticing there is very little information available on this variation..

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recent hsv2 exposure , usually presents as painful lesions and chronic symptoms such as fever, swollen lymph nodes, dysuria, constipation,  bleeding, exct. unless you have  hsv1 previosly, it diminishes & ameliorates hsv2 symptoms due to hsv1 antibodies fighting off hsv2 infection.

I had a risky exposure with an older male, and experienced proctitis like symptoms for 2 weeks. then mild itching and discharge,

every IgG blood test comes back (--) ,swab test of discharge comes back (NEG -), Western Blot came back neg for both types.

im still testing,,,hoping its hemorrhoids, got a (+) blood test for "Crohns disease" still hoping its crohns. or hemorrhoids 

i'm at 99.9 %, I want 100% reassurance .... 

waiting 3-4 months for western blot off antivirals puts you at 99.9% assurance, hope that helps, Godbless you and your braveness,🙂 

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