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  1. Elle how do you know gig also have genital? I thought it was impossible to have oral and genital of the same type?
  2. Hi Bonnie i had mine just over 30 days after exposure, you can have your first symptoms YEARS after catching it too so you just cannot be sure whether it’s guy 1 or 2. but also that means even if it was guy 1 it doesn’t even mean he cheated as he could have had before you but just doesn’t have symptoms and like amando said, if you have no reason to think he did cheat im sure he didn’t... sounds like he loves you so cherish it and don’t think of stuff like cheating when there are no signs x
  3. HPV is really not a big deal, basically EVERYONE has it at one point in their lives in fact in the UK they won’t vaccine you against HPV (the only reason there is a vaccine is because it can potentially cause cancer) if you’ve had sex once, because you prob got HPV so pleeeease do not stress about that. Same for herpes! Once you get over the shock you genuinely realise it’s nit hat big a deal, most ppl DONT CARE also the more medical practitioners you speak to the more you realise that HSV2 is a LOT more popular than 1 in 5. My clinic said she thinks in one in 3... do not let the stigma get you
  4. Hey guys, I’m so happy to have found this forum...the UK isn’t great for herpes support groups... I’m female, 30 based in London, recently diagnosed and having a very, very hard time....Would love a buddy! Ideally if there is anyone a similar age to me in the UK that would be ideal. However, please reach out otherwise... Thanks xx
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