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  1. You seem like a very sweet person!!
  2. I do have issues with diverticulitis flare ups and uti and once a kidney infection, so I’m very familiar with strong antibiotics. I was getting severe left thigh pain and then went to my hip about a year ago, but not too bad now. After I had a kidney infection 2 yes ago, I started feeling the vagina irritation and burning, some tingling and thought I had even a hemorrhoid at that time. Since then I just didn’t feel different until last year in May when I stopped taking my antidepressants. That’s why I’m wondering if the antidepressants helped with suppressing the nerves. The guy I was cheating with is married and never has been tested for anything and I’m not his first affair, so that’s another thing. Who knows what goes on in his marriage too. Just curious why all this has started since then. My Gyn doesn’t seem so concerned about anything. So, for now I just take precautions. So, it’s always in the back of my mind and trying to have a sex life but hard to get too aroused thinking what if and it’s not as satisfying as it was. Bring on hormonal vag inserts, it still hurts having sex and sometimes there’s little blood so then I’m thinking again something’s up there. I guess I’ll just have to wait if anything else comes up.
  3. I told my Gyn that I felt a lot of irritation and just felt uncomfortable down there every other week which was a couple of months ago and he said there was nothing that looked suspicious in fact it looked very good lol but I’m like why do I have these feelings and was even on valtrex every day? He kind of shrugs it off like it’s nothing. So, in my head I’m thinking well it’s in my nerves then maybe that’s why I feel this way at times. I’m postmenopausal and not small dosage of estrogen I insert once or twice a week. At one point I felt like my ass muscles were so sore so maybe it is in the nerves!! He said too I wouldn’t be having constant OBs if that’s what I’m having being on Valtrex every day. So I’m crazy??
  4. I felt like there was a cut around my vaginal area and he swabbed that but it was negative. My husband only understands so much when I tried to talk about it with him. He says he had his STD test last year and it was negative but I don’t know if they tested for hsv. He had a rash below his scrotum and in between his thighs couple months ago but his primary said it was some other skin problem. To me it looked like a jock itch rash on his inner thighs but it always worries me.
  5. When I first came off my antidepressants after 16 years a year ago, I was feeling some arousal feelings down in my genital area then some feelings of uti symptoms a few times. I was diagnosed months later by blood test with 37 lgg antibodies for hsv1. At the time I was having bad sore throat but irritated in my vagina. Eventually I had a genital swab done which came back negative but Gyn said it looked like it could be herpes. I don’t t remember having any cold sores, and have had STD testing throughout all my pregnancies. Could weening off my antidepressants have brought something on? I have cheated on my spouse in the past but never had this. Am I still in denial? I take Valtrex every day even though my Gyn hasn’t seen anything else.
  6. I’ve had mono as a teenager too. I’ve only been diagnosed with hsv1 10 months ago by blood test and it was 37 leg. I had a genital swab months ago too that was negative, and assume I have it genitally because I get irritated down there at times in the past year. I’ve never known to have this since I’ve had STD tests during my pregnancies, and never had oral symptoms so not sure about all of this. But, if I have anything, I’m assuming my husband does too.
  7. I just had lab work done for my physical, and I believe the 1000mg of Lysine I take daily with my Valtrex has caused my calcium level to go up and possibly my cholesterol. I read that this could happen.
  8. I found out I had this in July 2018, and been having constant outbreaks ever since. Don't know when I got it and my husband probably has it too now, because I never knew. I'm assuming in the past 2 years from an affair I had. He doesn't have any symptoms, but I can't seem to have a good conversation with him about having GHSV1. Been together for 30 years, and he doesn't understand, and might divorce me because of it, since I've cheated on him in the past. It's so depressing my life has changed like this. I'm on Valtrex every day with lysine and monolaurcidin and still get OBs every week. I guess the only positive thing is my husband can't perform like he use to, so I only give him oral. Pretty sad!!!
  9. Yes I’ve been on 1g Valtrex daily and taking Lysine. I told the nurse last week at my gyn’s Office that I feel OBs still every week and she was like well that’s the only thing he prescribes and I didn’t even get to speak to him on the phone. I’m starting Lauricidin 3x a day because I’ve read many people have had good results with it, so we’ll see. I hope you’re doing better.
  10. Well, for me so far it sucks. I feel like something is coming on every few days. I've been married a long time and don't remember having these symptoms until I was diagnosed, but only through a blood test, because I had a negative culture. I was HSV1 positive, so I assume I have it down there. I cheated on my husband and have had multiple STD tests in the past, but never had anything positive, so don't know how long I've had this, and my husband said he was tested, and doesn't think he has anything, but I told him those tests didn't include HSV. I told him I was positive for HSV1, might have it down there, but he didn't really think about what I was saying. We hardly have vaginal sex, because he has issues now of holding an erection long enough, but I do give him oral. My BF hasn't been tested for anything, and he never thinks he could have something, and he's cheated on his wife in the past. I know it's wrong to be doing what I'm doing, but since I told the BF about my blood test, we really haven't had sex either, just oral, so that's basically fading too, but he's in denial about anything. I could kick myself at my age for getting this.
  11. I think menopause brings on more of my UTIs and I could have had a milder case of a diverticulitis flare-up that I get at times, so not harping on it too much. It is what it is. Last year though I did have a combo D flare up with a kidney infection. I just know now I focus on all my symptoms if it's an OB or not, because evn with daily suppression meds, I still feel like it's going on but in a milder way. Frustrating, lucky you had a lot of sex. I haven't had any since I was diagnosed.
  12. I get that feeling sometimes like I have a UTI coming on, but when I get tested, it's negative for any bacterial growth, so now I wonder about this, if I've had this longer than when first diagnosed about 6 months ago, if it's from HSV. Also, I just got over a nasty UTI this passed weekend with high fever of 101.6, lower ab and back pain. My primary put me on antibiotics, and had to get bloodwork and urine culture. My blood work came back great, but waiting on the culture results. If it's negative, could the herpes bring on UTI infections?Just some things I wonder as well and would I have had such a bad outbreak?
  13. I've been taking 1000 mg of Lysine, oregano oil, and 500 mg of Zinc.
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