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  1. For me it's my period, stress, heat
  2. Has anyone every heard of a link between the two? I was reading an article on it.. Is was an old article maybe 90's.... Anyone have problems with there stomach besides med?
  3. @Loyalloulou Don't worry they are 2 totally different viruses. I know it's a lot to take in.. I'm going through the same with the stress and depression down load some calming therapeutic music on your phone it helps me to sleep at night. The people on this forum and so knowledgeable and helpful they're helping me through this they can help you too... 🙂
  4. @Whymewhynow I'm feeling a little better.. When to my Doctor today and he didn't have any solutions for me... Since my anxiety is through the roof he keeps saying I'm stressed😢.. That the anxiety has my body out of whack... i lost a little weight by cutting out sodas and fried foods and even more weight because I'm stressed I haven't eaten in days.. Thanks message me we can help each other but I'm going to warn you I'm an emotional wreck
  5. It's going to be ok... I feel the same way but you know what everyday I wake up I thank God for a new day... I never know now I'm go ma feel until I wake up... Suicidal thoughts, brain fog but quest what? I'm here.... Hope's this makes you feel a little better
  6. Does anyone know if I can get meds from with so prescription online... My gyno can't see me until March😫😫
  7. I'm 39 years I live in Orlando, Fl.... 4 kids would love you have a buddy to talk too....
  8. I get outbreaks every month a few day before my period... I get the blisters but no oozing. I have genital... And the meds could be the reason why
  9. I take vitamin C and B12... I tried Lysine but they me constipated beyond belief!! I just cut of sodas and fried foods about a month ago... Only water to drink
  10. Hi, I promise I'm trying but I just hate getting up in the morning not knowing what my body is gonna do
  11. Hi, I've had it for 8 years now and I get an out break I couple of days before my period every month... I don't take antivirals the side effects are worse than the pain 😢
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