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  1. This update is for my fellow GHSV-1 carriers. I have GHSV-1 and I’m learning to love MY virus bc she’s a not-so-friendly reminder of when I’m not taking the best care of my body. First outbreak was January 3, 2019 and I have not seen or felt any ulcerations since my first occurrence. This week, a combination of period, sex, stress and wine triggered my second outbreak. I also stopped taking valtrex as a suppressant w/in the last week. (Side note: I love valtrex bc my body responded immediately to the medication by suppressing symptoms during my first outbreak and other pre-outbreaks symptoms). Back to Monday night: I couldn’t finish sex bc the pain became unbearable. I haven’t had sex since before my first outbreak, so it took my awhile to realize the difference between herpe pain and I haven’t had sex in a long time pain. I developed a paper cut exactly where I had my first outbreak, the next morning. I don’t consider this moment a full blown outbreak bc the cut was so small and disappeared w/in a day after taking valtrex. Other symptoms included a burning sensation on butt, itchiness near paper cut and general soreness from sex I think (but more sore/sensitive than usual). All of this happened on Monday and Tuesday. Fast toward to late Saturday night, I felt a slight “I have herpes nerve tingle” (you know—the this isn’t an outbreak, just an occasional reminder you’re a carrier of herpes nerve tingle). To me this is a normal feeling post-first Herpes outbreak. However, something told me to look down there bc I was bored and had nothing better to do on a Saturday night. I found 3-4 small white blisters. I was shocked bc I had no idea the whole day or however long they were there. No pain. No itchiness. No swollen nymph nodes. NOTHINGGGGGGG COMPARED TO MY FIRST OUTBREAK. I do feel a little warmth over the panty region, but I literally feel fine and would have bet my life that there weren’t ulcers down there. I may decide to skip taking a valtrex. I feel no pain and the warm and tingling symptoms I do feel can easily be ignored. I hope delaying medication will help my body build a defense against the virus faster.
  2. @Ellie88 i used a complex vitamin b supplement to get rid of the nerve pain and it worked. Give it a try and hang in there.
  3. Hi @Mooeuk! So i started taking super b-complex for the nerve issue in my anus about 2 weeks ago. Heard about the supplements on this site. When I wrote you I still felt something, but not as severe. I’m on day 2 of no irritation after 2 weeks of medication. This is a big deal bc I felt irritation every day/every hour since my outbreak in January. Feeling hopeful!
  4. @Mooeuk how’s the nerve pain? Mine is still lingering in my anus after almost 2 months
  5. @Mooeuk I’m dealing w the same feeling in/around anus. Did it get better for you?
  6. I believe the longer you allow the anti-bodies to build in your body, the less likely you transmit the virus to other parts of your body such as your mouth. I've read on this site that it takes 3 months to build sufficient anti-bodies, but I'm sure everyone is different.
  7. Thanks for sharing @gorgeoustechie. After my first GHSV1 outbreak in January, I have not had another. My outbreak lasted for less than a week with the help of Valtrex, thank God. At this time, I'm experiencing symptoms that are not related to my genitals. Tension/cluster headaches, pain when moving my eyes around, and aching -- not sore-- throat (not frequent). Symptoms appear to be more prominent in the morning and at night, after a long day at work. If herpes is herpes regardless of where it's located, why does it seem like people with genital herpes have the worst symptoms?
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