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  1. @Blue1982 Ugh.. I know, the lack of info and expertise about this is beyond frustrating. I’ve spoke to 4 doctors, an infectious disease specialist and 2 gynaecologists and they have all told me that they’ve never seen this before. Unfortunately my initial outbreak was in two locations so I feel the pain down below and on the left side of my neck. Thankfully not while taking amitriptyline, it’s truly a god send! Fingers crossed our nerves will chill out ❤️
  2. @Btru2urself I’m so happy to hear that my comment helped a little bit. The beginning is certainly a roller coaster, but as the days go on so do you. Life is all about bumps in the road that force you to evolve, whether you like it or not : ) While I cant say that I’d wish HSV on any one, I can honestly say that I may not have stopped unhealthy patterns without it. Just as Mr. Hopp said, HSV weeds out the riff raff. You’ll realize very quickly who you feel safe and comfortable disclosing to and who can just move along. There’s a big learning curve, but the more you learn the more you realize it’s no biggie. I’m in the happiest relationship I’ve ever been in and having the best sex of my life! That’s something I never thought I’d say after receiving my diagnosis. Be gentle with yourself, Big hugs ❤️
  3. @Blue1982 I’m 1 year and 8 months since my initial outbreak and sadly am still dealing with nerve pain. I had tried Lyrica but had a severe reaction that caused me to lose function in my hands. It only last a couple hours for two days, but was scary. I am currently taking a lot of natural vitamins and 35mg of amitriptyline and it’s been life changing. I started at 10mg, but 35mg seems to be the dose for me. I try to go off it every 3 months, but it slowly comes back so I have to restart the medication again. Apparently nerve pain is quite complicated. Im just so grateful for this medication, it honestly makes me forget all about HSV! Sadly no doctor seems to know too much about this. Good luck with your tests, I hope they’re able to figure out the cause of your pain ❤️
  4. @Btru2urself I’m so sorry to hear this, but I can honestly say that after getting diagnosed 1 year and a half ago I no longer feel ashamed, dirty or less than. It’s really not a big deal and can/will happen to almost 80% of the population. When disclosing, just be open and honest. Frequency and severity can differ greatly, but there’s lots of medication to help. I take a complex b vitamin and immune boosting supplements that help. I watched the “you probably have herpes and that’s okay” YouTube video and it completely changed my perspective. All things considered, it does NOT change your worth - sending love ❤️
  5. @GlitterGlimmer @Mooeuk @Danaaaaaasaur I just posted about these sensations and am happy to hear that I’m not alone but also sad that we’re all experiencing these horrible feelings. I’m 4 months in from my initial outbreak and it’s so constant. Two years is a looooong time to wait for this to go away : ( Have people found specialist appointments to be helpful?
  6. @hi202020 and @Meggers23 I just posted about this too! I’m 4 months in from my first outbreak and as soon as the sores (really tiny) cleared all these sensations began, some days are better than others, but they’re always there. I’ve tried lots of immune boosting supplements and Valtrex for 2 months but nothing seems to help. I hope with time it gets better and am so sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this feeling too.
  7. @lily I’ve experienced similar tingling and do find that shifting my position helps it to go away. I don’t think it’s psychological at all, you’re not alone in these constant annoying feelings, I just posted about it too ; )
  8. What other medications have you tried? Im so sorry to hear that you’re both experiencing this as well, I can’t seem to find any information on it. It’s just so frustrating because no doctor seems to be able to tell me or explain why I have these constant symptoms, as it doesn’t fit the classic presentation of the virus. I feel like I could adapt to HSV if it was just an occasional outbreak and there were periods of relief but this constant discomfort is horrible. Im hoping to try a couple other antiviral medications. Thank you both for responding : )
  9. I haven’t been able to find any other case stories or images of it happening on a neck. It started out as one, I just thought it was a scratch and everyday there were more and more blisters. It was incredibly painful. So you have these constant sensations too?
  10. I’m new to the Hopp family and am struggling to manage my prodrome symptoms. I contracted HSV (unsure of the type) 4 months ago and haven’t received a positive test, but all signs point to HSV. I have an overall feeling of tingling, burning, itching and discomfort in the genital/anus area constantly. I’ve taken natural supplements, tried creams, and have been taking Valacyclovir for the past 2 months and nothing works. I thought after the initial outbreak (3 small spots on outer labia and a horrendous and angry cluster on my neck) cleared that this was something I could manage and cope with, but these constant feelings serve as a constant reminder and are painful and discouraging. Has anyone had a similar experience or any suggestions? Thanks in advance : )
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