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  1. Okay so I bought these 2 products: This is a lip ointment (https://amzn.to/2EbWw8F) and this is the supplement (https://amzn.to/2Q4wbxX). So pretty much, I use the lip ointment when i feel like the tingling or visual redness on my lip, or just my lip is pretty dry then i use this, it feels good and taste good in my opinion. It's kind of on the shiny side, so i kinda dont wear that much if i'm out in public, but seems perfect for people who prefers shiny lip ointments. I'm also trying the 'supplement', i take this as my suppression for about 3 weeks now (i dont want to keep usin
  2. i know you labeled this women, and i'm not a woman. πŸ˜• but i thought i'de share something, that leg pain happens. Some people even claim having that for quite extended period of time like 8 mos before it goes away. Since HSV lives in the nerves that's what causes that. Now regarding itching in those areas, that sounds more of a prodrome, usually people suppress it by taking L-Lysine supplements or a suppressive 500mg valacyclovir. And if you are sure you're going to have an outbreak then do the prescribed high dosage of Valtrex (valacyclovir) [example for me: 2x2000mg, morning then 2x2000m
  3. my Target-CVS pharmacy are very professional and friendly! I dont experience anything like this at all when I pick up my Valacyclovir.
  4. that's a very high dose to take everyday it seems, i thought suppression is about 500mg? πŸ™‚
  5. I know this guy in one of my HSV support group that have HSV1 and 2 as well. He got 3 kids, his kids are negative and they are almost college and they live in the same house, eat the same food (just dont share the same utensils and glass). He says that its really not that transmittable, just dont use the same utensils, towels etc (which you shouldnt anyways even without HSV) -- just practice good hygiene. Your body will thank you too along the way. He actually said that he is more concerned his kids would get HSV in college than him transmitting it to them πŸ˜„
  6. @JC2019 @Djwahe @Sally23 Hey all, i'm 36, and i just got diagnosed 3 weeks ago myself, had my first outbreak last Easter Sunday (April 21, 2019) Same for me, flu-like symptom that gave me extremely high fever for one night, only for one night. The next day i'm almost back to normal (temperature wise) but i'm still having a lot of side effects like, backpain, etc etc i dont consider myself back to normal yet, there are days i feel normal, there are days when i feel like i'm getting sick again. My body is still adjusting to the virus, one of the members in the support group that im
  7. We're almost the same, i just hope i dont regret my decision to share πŸ™‚
  8. I'm happy for you! That made things 10,000 times easier for you then. For me, for some reason my family has been so clean and none of them actually have HSV. I know they were saying 60 to 80% of world population have HSV-1 virus in their body and about 20% for HSV-2, but im not too sure if that's really true coz no one seem to admit amongst people around me, or they just dont wanna tell me πŸ˜„
  9. Your name reminds me of what's on my mind when my doctor told me i have HSV-1 πŸ˜„ We're about the same, there are times though that i tell myself, maybe i should just keep it to a small group of people.. but at the same time i just want the world to accept me for who i really am without any pretension.
  10. @Fmals I feel you where you're coming from, whatever you feel is right for you, do it. If you find solace by not telling anyone then its good. I just dont want you to feel trapped inside your own worries and start living a lie. Just my opinion is that if these X people will start distancing themselves to me now that I have HSV, then I dont need these X people in my life. I'de rather surround myself with people that actually care. Same for me though, i dont plan on dating soon because i'm fairly new myself i only got this 3 weeks ago, but i've been joining several HSV support groups an
  11. I agree with @My_dog_is_hungry, i dont think it's worth ruining your life just coz of some HSV. How long since you have it? I'm new to this myself i only got diagnosed like 3 weeks ago.
  12. Hello, I'm marc, i only got diagnosed 3 weeks ago with hsv-1, and had one outbreak. I'de like to know, what are your herpes prodrome symptoms? I would appreciate if you could be very specific: * Like what is your exact symptoms? what do you feel? * how long does the symptoms last? like are they continuous 24/7? * how many days before the outbreak does this symptoms happen? * do you take your high dose meds as soon as you get the symptoms? Thank you for your advanced replies!!
  13. @100918 omg that's hilarious! poor mom, didnt know the news coz she's a big gossiper LOL
  14. @TaintedLove the nurse at the clinic where i got diagnosed was so nice... when the actual doctor left after giving my result i stayed in the room coz i'm still in shock and my brain was going a thousand miles. okay back to the nurse, she stayed there with me... so i had to tell her that i'm worried about transmitting it and all etc etc etc, and she did pat me on the shoulder and i was like, hey, arent you scared of being infected by me (lol -- hey i only knew about herpes 2 minutes ago at that time) she was like, nope, i have it too -- you'll be fine.
  15. @Fmals Not even your family? that must be hard for you to keep everything to yourself... I mean i'm no expert, but i cant just keep it to myself like that i'll explode... so i had to tell my parents right away. and couple of friends at work to see if they'll stop being my friends, but they were very understanding and still there for me. I'm not telling you what to do okay.. im just concerned and hope you're not being hard on yourself.
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