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  1. Must be a baffling feeling to find out you've had something for years and not know.. For me, a sore appeared 2 days after and I knew something was up. But I feel as though I can empathise with you, "I wish..that..I knew all I know now... when i was younger!" *side note- good song- listen to asap! My mom at age 50 found out her constant sinus infections were cause of a nose fracture when she was an infant or toddler, she never knew she even had a fracture to begin with!? It happened, don't know how, don't know why, but now she can deal with her sinus issues properly... aka - but now, You can deal with your body properly. When "h" appears in our lives, it is overwhelming because of the significance it stands for: change. A change occurred to your body, you are finding out now because now is the time to change yourself. What have you not done to yourself that has pissed your body off? Did you forget to love yourself? - are you Happy? Energetic? Reflective? Powerful? Evolved? Soulful? THAT is what herpes stands for. This is another wake up, and "Mama Gia isn't trying to hurt you, she is trying to guide you... " What would someone who loved themselves do? First, heal, mourn, reflect, then go out and let "h" empower you.
  2. @PresentMoment hi and thanks for the comment! I am doing pretty well... found that bf ive been looking for, 4 1/2 yrs with "h" and just celebrated 4 yrs with the bf! Hope everyone else is doing well!
  3. I personally think u gave enough time... 10 days! but remember that especially in the first year, it is common to get o.b. after o.b. It might have healed, and then u have sex, which could trigger another, and it will heal and something else could trigger yet again another o.b. I suggust the next time u have sex, use a lube for sensitive skin, nothin fancy P.s. -When my o.b. are gone, i usually wait 2 or 3 days. Hope this helps xox
  4. She would have had to have had an open sore, rubbed/touched it, and then rubbed/touched you directly after. Highly doubt she gave u hsv, unless she had hsv1 orally, and had a coldsore present or chapped lipps. You'll be ok
  5. I would deffinatly get a culture swab test done. It could be a fisher, or tear from sex, could be small o.b. of hsv. And i hate to say it, but anyone can get hsv, condoms do not always help, as hsv could be anywhere in groin area, and condom only covers/protects certain areas. Personally, it sounds like a fisher, but just get swabbed in case.
  6. Drink a ton of water, it helps dilute your pee. I use small amount of coconut oil on the sores several times a day. Buy 'Bactine' spray. It really helps with the pain... seriously. Take a bath with epsom salts. Helps relax and soothe all over! Hope this helps! xox
  7. I agree with @LadyShellisandre, I got hsv 2 back in dec 2014, one nighter, had sores 2 days after one nighter. I swabbed possitive in jan 2015, . And had negative blood tests, for quite a while, 6 months... is was the 2nd week of june 2015 that i received a positive blood test.
  8. I am a firm believer in medicinal canibis. Or naproxen (over the counter) for nerve pain. I also am a firm believer in coconut oil anď bactine spray for topical. Try adding l-lysine high foods into your diet, and try cutting out argenine foods. H travels through your nerves before they surface (if they surface that is). Sometimes before or after an o.b. is when i feel nerve pain.
  9. Hang in there! Though stress plays a huge roll with triggers, It's not exactly the enemy. The work stress and life stress you experience will be continous throughout your life, remember too you've been able to handle theese stresses in the past*, if you tend to get o.b. during/after specific stressfull events, use this to clarify where you need guidance/help. Be that diet, sex, emotional...etc. That way the next similar stress factor wont phase you as much. One less trigger, and its good for your soul. Use this time now, to know yourself, pamper yourself. Go for a walk, have a relaxing bath ( careful with soaps and other irritants), read, give yourself a facial, something calming and relaxing to you, whatever it may be! xox
  10. Hi #Mygirl007, I totally understand your frustration with the unknown, nurses and doctors don't always take the time to talk about hsv 1 or 2. If you and your partner both have hsv, I personally wouldn't bother with daily, unless you are getting o.b. after o.b. and it's driving you mad. Taking antivirals is a personal choice. You don't have to take them, and it's not the end of the world if you miss a day. I would keep some on hand for times you think you might be getting an o.b. as the antivirals help with the symptons, but keep in mind they will not always make the o.b. dissapear. When my o.b. is gone, i personally would wait 3 to 5 days, but if your partner has it too, i would say have sex when your're comfortable. Because you can't pass it, if they have it. Sex can cause an o.b., or time of month, or stress or anything really, once you know your triggers, you can start to preppare better, and possible avoid the o.b. i try to double my daily valtrex dose when it's my time of month for example. Take the time to learn about your body, . Hope this helps! xox
  11. You have a way of such calmness in youre reactions! I am so glad you had amazing responses from your friends!Update us when he gives you a thought through answer!..
  12. This is an amazing speach! Love how it can be used for anything that someone could be going through!
  13. First i need to tell you, everything WILL be ok!!!! Diagnoses sets one off in a craze of emotions at first. But once you read up and get as much info on it as you can, your emotional state starts to calm down. I was diagnosed feb 2014 with hsv2. Good ol one night stand had me shocked 3 days later. And it might baffle you to know that i disclosed to a man in the end of may 2014, after only knowing him for 2 weeks.... and geuss what, it wasnt horrible! He accepted me as me. He accepted me with herpes, being celiac, allergic to latex, and anxiety issues. We just celebreated our 2 year anniversary. Once i found this site, and had help from everyone here, i became more in tune with myself. I get flareups maybe 4 or 5 times a year, my main trigger is my time of the month so i take birth control for about 3 months straight, and double up on antivirals when im on time of the month. I take daily dose of antivirals as a suppressant and to help protect my man. He doesnt have it, and i havent passed it to him. As previously posted, have some YOU TIME!!! You are worth it! You ARE beautiful. You ARE amazing! There is so much more to life than to be worried or upset about it. (Or anything else for that matter!) I was bullied alot in HS too. All my "friends" turned out not so nice, or moved away. As i said i have anxiety issues, and when i have a melt down, herpes is the LAST thing on my mind. If i could i would hug you right now, on this site you can vent or question as much as you like, and it helps so much to get it off your chest! Hang in there friend, this is going to be dust under a rug very soon! I promise you that. One more hug
  14. Same here... but i thought id mention it as the dehydration from drinking can cause problems so drinking water is super helpfull especially when on antivirals.
  15. Woah the eff! I totally agree with the others... Change Doctors!!!.... Now! 1st... the liver isnt harmed while on valtrex, unless your boozin it up, then the liver *may* get harmed. The key here is to drink lots and lots of water! 2nd... ive been on valtrex for over a year now. I take 1 pill of the 500mg every morning. And if i feel a prodrome a take an extra one at night for a couple days. 3rd... if you feel that u want it to help protect your partner, then you have a right to take the meds.if transmission rate 4% female to male, then with protection its lowered to 2%. With valretex its now at 1% transmission. *** BUT... the assymptomatic shedding will be cut down anwhere from 50% - 80%. hope this helps xox
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