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HSV-2 advice please: Really itchy!

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I was just diagnosed about 2 months ago with HSV-2. I was absolutely crushed when I found out & disappointed in myself. The worst part was not knowing who gave it to me because I was told you could have it for years & not even know. So who knows who I infected & there's no way I'm gonna go to everyone I slept with in the past & tell them. that's just crazy.


But anyways, everybody tells me different things about herpes & it would be helpful if somebody explained everything to me. My doctor was not helpful AT ALL. She didn't give me any kind of advice & she wouldn't prescribe me any kind of treatment or anything. I started seeing this guy right before I found out I had it. Thankfully, he doesn't mind & he still wants to be with me. But any kind of advice on keeping him safe from it would be extremely helpful.


Also I've only had one outbreak but when there's no outbreak I am really, really, really itchy ... like, ridiculously itchy. When I first had my outbreak, I started putting aloe plant on it & it actually helped my outbreak go away but it doesn't work for the itch, I've also tried epsom salt baths & that didn't help either. I'm scared that if I keep itching like this it's gonna send me into another outbreak. So somebody please help me!

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Hi Brooke!


Good to have you here. I haven't personally experienced the intense itching you're describing, so sorry I can't help with that specifically, and I'm a man, so we have different parts. ;) (Maybe a woman reading this has had a similar experience?)


But about keeping your partner from getting herpes, first know that there's no 100% surefire protection, but with that said, you can minimize his chances of getting it greatly if you wear condoms and/or take suppressive therapy. I've read places that suppressive therapy lessens the chances of passing it by 50% and some sources say up to 90%! Talk to your doctor about what dose is right for you, but I take 400mg of Acyclovir 2x/day.


And for everyone else reading this, the only other reason you'd take suppressive therapy aside from protecting your non-herpes partner in my opinion is if your outbreaks are so rampant that they're uncontrollable (especially when you first get herpes and your body is building up immunity to it). I always suggest that if you are single and get herpes, let your body first build up immunity, then allow yourself to have regular outbreaks; you might be surprised how few you end up having.


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Hey Brooke!

I had this problem but it was before i found out i had herpes. I think i may have already had it a while before i was actually told it was a fact. I actually couldnt bare the itchyness! It was awful, i was constantly wriggling around and couldnt even sit still. The itchyness was worse at night time, when i would get in bed (typical!) so i went to the doctor. They told me i had bacterial vaginosis (i think thats what its called!) or BV, they said it is caused by a few reasons, like cleaning too much or using soaps. They gave me some anti-biotics to take and told me it would go in a few weeks, and it did! I was so releaved. Then i found out i had herpes around 3wks later. I dont know if this is what you have but i just thought it could be a possibilty so go and ask you doctor! :-)


And too the_H_Opp I have had non-stop outbreaks. I would say in the past year I have been free of outbreaks for about 2 weeks all together! As they are not that painful and i am not in a sexual relationship i havent yet felt the need to seek help!


Hope this helps Brooke.

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Thankyou guys!!! Well I'm trying to go to a different doctor, he might already have it from me we're not sure because we started sleeping together right before I found out I had it, then when he went to go get tested some stuff happened & he still hasn't gotten results back. So to me I feel that if he does get it at least I had the decency to tell him you know? I wish I would have known before though cause I feel horrible. I believe I had the same thing as you Emma because she gave me some kind of antibiotics & it didn't help. Because originally I just thought that everything that was going on down there was just from rough sex & I thought I had a UTI because it hurt to urinate. Then they kept telling me you have this infection & that infection but all the meds they were giving me didn't help. Then she gave me that last antibiotic because of the itching & the ydischarge & it helped the discharge kinda but not the itch. I don't understand I cannot figure out if it's from the herpes or something else. I just need to get a new doctor. One question, No more oral? At all? :( But thankyou guys for all your advice it definitely did help so glad I found this site, nice to know I'm not anywhere near alone with this.


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