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2 years of constant herpes outbreaks please help

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I’m breaking down, I appreciate your kind words. No I’m not on meds except antivirals and I’ve only recently started with homeopathic meds for immunity. I’ve had 2 babies since and lots of blood work which has not shown any other sti’s etc. I wondered if they missed that I have HIV bc in all the threads it says people like me usually have both infections. But I’ve been tested. 
Im otherwise healthy and hardly even get sick. I’m not Vaxed against Covid and it was only 2 days for me for the most part. Other than this I feel like my body can fight things. 
I have also wondered about birth control as I used to get them with periods now it’s harder to track bc it’s everywhere interchangeably. 
I will check with my Dr about a referral and more testing and some IV treatments. 
I know my family is better with me and I want to be here for them. I’m just scared for so many reasons that I feel I can’t control. I don’t feel strong anymore. 
thank you Grace ❤️

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It sounds like it could be hormones, especially if you used to have outbreaks around your menstrual cycle. Sometimes even changes with menopause can cause extreme outbreaks as well. Getting your hormone levels evaluated could provide some answers ❤️. I actually went on birth control for emotional issues related to PMDD, and after a few months I actually did start to get better. I am really not a fan of medications and such, and I felt afraid to try birth control since I've never used it before but I am grateful I did. 

You may not feel strong, but please know that you are living proof of your own strength! You have so much going on but you are still trying and that is amazing. Challenge the negative thoughts and remind yourself of the truth; that you are beautiful, loved, and important. Remember that this is not your fault. You are not a burden to your loved ones. It may even be helpful to write your spouse a letter, and explain your feelings and how you do love him, and you feel terrible about this and want to show him love and affection in other ways while you work through your diagnosis and tests. A partnership takes two, and while he may want physical intimacy, there are infinite ways to show love and affection that both of you are comfortable with!  Your comfort and peace of mind are essential ❤️.

Something else that may help is reaching out to Terri Warren, RN, ANP, an HSV advocate and educator and medical professional. Also, instead of asking a question and paying for that, you can search through the questions that others have already asked/paid for: https://westoverheights.com/forum/herpes/herpes-questions/

We are here for you ❤️.  Reach out anytime! 

Sending blessings and prayers your way! 🌻



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Thanks for the link. I did listen to her discussion on your webpage link. In a way I find she responds like many general sites that talk about the disease. I feel like I’m my case and maybe others with it getting worse over time she’s not addressing that. Also she states numerous times once you have it it’s unlikely to spread to other areas but that’s not my case and I feel like others have said they get it in new areas over time as well. I guess I was hoping for more openness in her answers since she has seen so much with this. I don’t know maybe there is a specific thread that would pertain to me but they didn’t really speak to me.  I really am so appreciative of all other suggestions and will follow up with those. ❤️

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  • mr_hopp changed the title to 2 years of constant herpes outbreaks please help
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Hi everyone. 

It seems I am in the same boat as everyone on this thread. 

Its been 20yrs since diagnosis, I'm not on antivirals (and I don't want to given the risk of resistance), i don't drunk coffee now, I cut out all alcohol, nuts, peanut butter, chocolate.. I don't smoke, I exercise a lot, I've had my b12, folate, iron,  vitD, Mg, T4, TSH and white and red blood cells all checked. And they're all fine..


but the last 6 months have had continuous, unending flare ups.  

And feel like it's getting worse. 

Nerve pain all around thighs and buttocks, constant tingling, blisters coming and going, redness... 


Just wanted to see, has anyone in this thread had any improvement??? Please say yes as I feel I'm not going to be able to have a life or continue my marriage if this continues.... 

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