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Feeling discouraged - need support

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I had my first outbreak in November, the first time knowing I have herpes. I am having my second outbreak and I feel so down & discouraged. I find myself wondering why, and feeling like a leper. One of my sisters & best friends have this, had for years but when I go to talk to them about it, they just say - it’s nothing, it’s common, etc. I get it but it’s new to me & I can’t help but feel less than. I’m depressed about it, and feel so down. I disclosed to my bf s as soon as I found out. He was supportive, I hate to tell him I have another outbreak. I feel horrible. Can anyone relate?

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Heya, I’ve had it for about 15 years. I had the initial outbreak back then and then nothing until a year ago! Boooo! I was so mad. I HATE telling my husband that I’m having another outbreak (particularly because I caught it while we were on a break 🤦‍♀️) but he never reacts badly.

It’s not a fun time when you first get diagnosed and if you’re like me, you will know fundamentally that you are not any less but you will have moments of self doubt. That’s just life though, we always have these moments in our lives when something is dragging us down, whether it’s a serious illness, a minor illness (like herpes, for most of us) or a bad hair day.

I feel like you’re going to be ok. You have a great foundation with the knowledge you have from your friend and sister. This sucky time will pass for you x

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We have all gone through the emotions. Trust in yourself that you will be okay, in time, and allow yourself that time. Try to educate yourself as much as possible, that way you have all the facts and knowledge you need to feel a little more at ease when talking to someone about herpes. I have found most people do not seem to be concerned and ask questions because they don't really know anything except the stigmas out there and that there is no cure. People are scared of what they don't know. 

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