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Bathroom time : /

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I am experiencing my first ob and it has been awful to the point of crying in the bathtub : ( the past few days I have been running bath waters with lemon and lavender oils and submerging myself to try to ease the pain . I'm wondering if someone finds something else more soothing for this? I have heard pouring water while peeing at the same time helps but idk if one is really better then the other. I'm almost frightened to not pee in the tub because of the pain. Sadly I can't wait to get back on the toilet! "Bathroom time" has kept me out of work for the last 3 days! Any suggestions so I can return to my daily living? :(

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Is it the pain of the pee touching the sores or you are having difficulty peeing in general? I'm slowly getting over my first ob... it's been about three weeks now... It got to a point i couldn't pee, it was like my body forgot how to! I didn't pee for 24 hours at one point- knowing i should, but then when i would try it was just kind of numb and nothing happened.

I'm relieved my bathroom functions are coming back to normal now.

I know what kind of pain you are experiencing. And really, i just holed myself up for two weeks and suffered. You can take pain killers. Bath time was where i got the most relief. And just keeping the area clean and putting lots of calendula ointment on the sores to help them heal... If your doctor hasn't given you meds, like Valtrex, get them. My doctor didn't think it was necessary but then everyone i talked to on these forums encouraged me to get them and then thats when my healing seemed to speed up.

I also found sleeping with a pillow between my knees helpful because if kept my skin down there from rubbing together too much.

Hang in there! *hugs*

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I am on medication which I believe is helping cause it's more tolerable then It was at first yet it's only been like 6 days so I'm just worried how long this is gonna happen. Otherwise I have just been taking lots of ibphropen to help with pain and swelling and melatonin Before bed to help sleep, I'll try the pillow thing thank you. Do you think the ointment was a big help to use as well? And do you just use the ointment on the outside?

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I know this post is somewhat old, but I feel as though I can comment.

When I experienced my first outbreak, the only thing I found to help me during "bathroom time" was relieving myself and the immediately using cold wet compresses to clean and cleanse myself. While the actual act of urinating was excruciating, causing me to weep and tremble, the cool, wet compress brought relief.

I hope this helps in the future.

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I know this is an old post but maybe i can help someone in the future...


I found filling a large serving bowl with cool water was the only way to pee during my first outbreak. I had 25+ open sores all around my hoo hah and bathroom time was always dreadful. Fortunately my bathroom is inside my bedroom so I could keep a giant bowl in the tub to fill with cool water as needed. Life saver.

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When I had my first outbreak it was so terrible that I had bathroom problems too. The pee would touch the sores every time I went and set me on fire it felt like. I just soaked down with Vaseline/petroleum jelly all the time and especially before I had to pee. It helped me alot. Good luck :)

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