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It’s not going well!!

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Hi everyone. I have had what I THINK is Herpes for 3 years now. I have had 4 negative IgG tests over that time but no one will PCR test swab a damn lesion.  3 different times at 3 different doctors and they all say “no it looks like folliculitis” and swab for bacteria, which is negative. Same in my throat once- no, wasn’t strep. 

Anyway, this OB is particularly bad. Itchy for 2 nights and couldn’t sleep well. Does this LOOK like Herpes? I basically get some form of this every 10 days after a day or 2 of tingling/itching  but not usually this bad. 

Also, I am not a troll, I am actually a nurse. I understand that it doesn’t make sense That my HSV IgG is negative and I could still think I have it but trust me when I say me and a zillion specialist have ruled out many things. I just want answers and to be normal. Please help! I am miserable. 

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Your image didn't make it through with your post but I just want to say we can't tell you for sure but I'd want to say that it sounds familiar. I was swabbed and confirmed but only on my 3rd ever outbreak, not on my first.

You should be able to find someone. Maybe just tell them next time that you were diagnosed and you want to know if it is HSV1 vs HSV2? That is how I got mine swabbed.

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It definitely shouldn’t be herpes that often but the “prodrome” type nighttime itching and tingling (not just at night but it’s worse then) before the rash appears, plus the fact that they are fluid filled, doesn’t point to much else. It’s not celiac rash.  Nothing ulcerative, it’s in my mouth and throat but not other mucous membranes. But on my thighs, butt, bikini area, one on my face today. Oh and my scalp. I can feel them in my hair so badly before the bumps. It feels like someone pulling my hair. 


Looks like the first picture on here but I already had chickenpox as a kid and shingles doesn’t recur often. 

anyway, thanks for listening big and letting me vent. I would give anything to stop this non stop cycle. I see now why people fall for these quack cures. 

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