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Constant burning

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Hi everyone. I’m a 28 y/o female. Back towards the end of January, I started having weird symptoms down there, such as pain, but I was also on my cycle so I figured it has something to do with that. At first it was an itch so I thought I might have had a yeast infection. Then it began aching. A few days later, it started burning. I took a hand mirror to examine myself and saw that I had 2 bumps on the inside of my vagina. I immediately started crying because I’ve never experienced anything like that before and my mind immediately went to herpes. I went to the doctor to be tested and found out the beginning of February that I had genital hsv1. I was so heartbroken and I’ve been very depressed. I’m crying everyday and really don’t see the point of living. I have too much more life ahead of myself and now I feel it’s ruined. I don’t have kids yet and I feel very disgusted with myself. I feel like I can never have kids now. I left my partner because I can never forgive him for this. He knew he had hsv1 orally and never disclosed this to me. I even asked him about the last time he was tested at the very beginning of the relationship and he didn’t mention that he gets cold sores. He said he didn’t think that was something he had to tell me. I’m hurt because I’ve always been careful with my sexual health and I has only been in a committed relationship with him for a month before this happened. I was celibate the entire 2020 and was tested a few weeks before every having sex with him. Everything was negative. 

anyway. Ever since my first outbreak, then burning sensation down there has never gone away although the sores went away a long time ago. My doctor doesn’t know why I’m still feeling this sensation. Valtrex isn’t doing anything and yesterday she prescribed me something for yeast and a UTI but I don’t think this symptom has anything to do with either. I’ve had a UTI and yeast infection before so I know how my body feels when this is the case. It’s hard to cope with this news when my vagina is in constant discomfort with the burning. Idk what to do. 

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I'd like to tell you that having genital HSV-1 is different than genital HSV-2.
50-80% of americans already have oral HSV-1. Once you get it orally (normally during chilhood), you build inmunity to get it in other places.
Viral shedding of genital HSV-1 is extremly low (1-2%) compared to gential hsv-2 (12-20%).

According to Terry Warren, a well known researcher about herpes, transmission of genital HSV-1 does not occur (or it is extremly rare) from genital to genital contact. It occurs from oral sex.

Outbreaks with genital hsv-1 are less common. Normally, it is 1.2 per year, in the worst cases.

1. Don't be afraid to transmit it to your next partner. The chances your next partner already has HSV-1 is high. Just ask him to get tested. 

2. DOn't be afraid of outbreaks.  

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