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What happens if you don't take antivirals?

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Hi @Stars-and-Stripes and welcome to H Opp,

Taking daily suppressive therapy with medications such as Acyclovir (twice daily) or Valtrex (once daily) lessens your asymptomatic viral shedding (and hence subsequent outbreaks by around 50%, so you would be more prone to getting outbreaks. But how many outbreaks and the severity will depend a lot on your immune system and how well you take care of yourself (stress levels, what you eat, exercise, etc.) The length of time you've had herpes also has an effect since your immune system can handle the virus better than within the first year of getting herpes. There are a whole host of factors that contribute to herpes outbreaks (both the frequency and severity).

When were you last off of medication and how often/severe were your outbreaks?

Here's an article talking about the only 2 reasons you might take medication: https://www.herpesopportunity.com/post/herpes-medication

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This content is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis. I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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I hope you're doing okay ☀️

It will be okay. You don't necessarily need to take antivirals, but they do help with reducing viral load and decreasing the severity of an outbreak. It also helps increase healing time (since it stops the virus from replicating). It doesn't work the same for everyone (some folks not at all, especially depending on the type of antiviral they are taking; there are 3 types).

I'm sorry that people in your small community would find out and not be kind. We all deserve medical privacy! Hypothetically, you could go to a clinic in a nearby community and get a prescription filled there, too. 

Remember, just because people are judgemental doesn't mean they are right or you have any reason to feel ashamed. The way people treat us is a reflection of them, NOT of you! 💛

Reach out if you need anything. I am praying for you!! ☀️🌻



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You're so kind.  Thank you. The sores have cleared, the leg aches about gone, headaches gone and still a little itchiness. I can urinate ok but constipation is bad. I've been trying to up my fiber but I believe the virus destroyed the nerves that controls the poop. Do nerves regenerate? Will that eventually get better or it is permanently damaged and I'll have pooping issues forever?

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I'm so sorry for the issues you are experiencing. The constipation could be due to sores if you had them internally inside the anus/rectum. Also, sometimes when we are under pain and stress, we can get constipated (or poop too much!) Stress and pain impacts us all differently. Try to stay hydrated!

I'm sure it is possible that the nerve inflammation and pain could have influenced constipation. Nerves are interesting things. They can be damaged, and adult nerve cells in the spinal column do not regrow. So, nerve cells in general do not regrow.

It's possible that things are just inflamed. Try heat packs or ice packs to soothe your back, and also heat packs can help alleviate constipation. 

I'm sending you happy healing vibes!

Blessings ❤️ 

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Just my experience with constipation. It was so bad at first that I had to take laxatives in order to have a BM. Then it would be so painful - abdominal cramping and just so painful I almost went to ER on several occasions. Once my first OB (it was very bad and lasted about 5-6 weeks) I haven't had too many issues since. I am about 14 months into my HSV journey. The thing I find most annoying is I still get constant firing of nerve endings on my tailbone. Other than that the symptoms have not been too bad. I do take antivirals only because I get constant breakouts without them. I've tried to go off of them 3 times and like clockwork get a breakout within 10 days of going off. So its my choice to stay on them in order to control it. But that is a personal decision. I'd rather not take them but the outbreaks suck so...

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@beihaigirl2004 You said your OB lasted 5-6wks, did the constipation last that long or longer? Did you have any numbess in the anal/perineal area? I'm having severe constipation w/numbess 4 wks from OB along with constant firing, no antivirals yet. At this point, don't know how what future outbreaks will look like or how often.  How are you feeling now? An update would be appreciated. 

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