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Hello Everyone,


I have been diagnosed for a little over a month with HSV2, and I have tried my best to be as educated as possible about my situation. However, I am not clear on a few things and I would like your help....


Baths - after I take a bath I was it several times with bleach then with other cleaners to make sure it is "safe" for others to use. Do I have to worry about someone catching herpes from me by bathing in a cleaned bath tub? I also use a separate bar of soap from everyone else in the house...is this unnecessary?


Speaking of baths - is it ok or not to take baths in Epson salt?


Towels - I am concerned with people touching my towel after I use it, and I am also concerned that I am able to was my germs out of towels after I use them. Is there any way that someone can get herpes from touching my used towel?


Skin contact - I have yet to notice any visual signs of an outbreak, but I am nervous for anyone to touch my legs. I walk around the house and sleep in pants. I actually have shorts on now and I plan on whipping the chair I am in off with Clorox wipes to ensure I cant pass on anything. Is this something I have to worry about?


Toilet Use - after sitting on the toilet I wipe it of with some type of disinfectant. Am I taking this too far?


I hope I don't sound too ignorant, but I want to make sure the people in my household especially my children are not affected by my poor choice.



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To put it simply - yes, you are going a bit overboard :)


The Herpes virus LOVES warm, moist environments but it can only live outside the body for a very short time. And soap will also kill it. So no need to disinfect the bathtub, toilet, towels, etc every time you use them. The only thing I *might* do would be if I had an active OB (open and weeping) on my butt cheeks where they come in contact with the seat IF folks were likely to be using it immediately after me - even then, it's very very unlikely it would be passed on.


I've lived with herpes for most of my life, raised 2 girls and never ever worried about any of the things you are doing and my daughters never got it - ex hubby only got it because back in the early 80's there was very little to go on and I didn't know I had it when we got married.


And yes, Epsom salts are GREAT for OB's - someone also said use Aveeno Oatmeal soap as I recall. Hope this helps :)


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thiscantbelife, Hello :-) and thanks for sharing these concerns. I was in the exact same boat you describe. I nearly wore myself out in just under a month scared to DEATH that I would miss cleaning the virus from some surface somewhere and one of my kids would get it. I bleached EVERYTHING almost every day of an o/b, kept my dirty towels & washcloths seperate, and even felt too much fear to sit on my sofa or loveseat because I couldn't wipe the surface of those after lounging.


For me, I found a happy medium. Many advise me not to worry at all. And I supposed worry is what was driving me the craziest, so that is VERY good advice! But I am still cautious during active o/b symptoms. There is, however, only one thing I do on a regular basis now in between o/b s...I keep my towels and wash cloths in my own hamper in my room. I just feel better knowing that they aren't getting in the shower right behind me and using those.


During my most recent o/b, I did three things...none of which involved me killing family lungs with bleach! LOL! I kept my towel/washcloth separate, wiped the toilet seat (esp on days we were all home together all day during my o/b), and washed my hands really well.


What struck me most about what you said was "...I want to make sure...especially my children are not affected by my poor choice."


This is what I have battled even more than the shedding symptoms of the virus...the shame I feel when I think of the kids finding out about my own "poor choice". Recently, however, I'm coming to terms with the reality that choices are simply choices. Some have more life changing consequences than others, for sure, but a choice is not made poor simply because of the end result. For me today, a choice is made "poor"ly if it's made in such a way that is intended to hurt myself or someone else intentionally. It may not have been wise for me to ache for a man to make me feel young, beautiful and alive again, and It may not have been wise for me to ignore the red flags around this particular man...BUT, I didn't set out to hurt myself or anyone else. I set out to feel loved, valued and accepted. The choice I made has inevitably led me to discover the source of that deep emptiness and begin to heal it, so I can say that it's getting harder and harder for me to label it as a "poor" choice.


While I understand what you mean, and don't intend to invalidate those feelings at all, I want you to know that at some point loving and forgiving myself actually became the best thing I could do for my kids, even above making sure my bathroom was clean! :-). I haven't told them yet, but the day will come when I'll tell them, and I am VERY thankful that it will be without the guilt and shame that began my journey to this site.


~Many blessings to you on this journey~

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You are a wise woman!!! I would have NEVER thought about it that way! I guess your last comment is an accurate statement, "Without herpes, the lesson might not have been as obvious". The herpes has made me reevaluate a lot of things I do in my life (some faster than others).

This is again another testament to why I am so thankful to this forum!!

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