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I just received my herpes diagnosis 4 days ago. So overwhelmed

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I'm confused.... I don't know what to expect! I've started suppressive therapy. This is all new to me, I broke up with my ex 4 months ago and I had a one night stand... That obviously bit me in the ass (no pun intended) now my ex wants to work things out... And none the less I've been avoiding the make up sex. He has no idea and I think this would end us for sure! I can deal with the outbreaks my end of this.... I'm owning up to it and trying to be OK with living with this I'm afraid of loosing him... Or any other good man that comes into my life for that matter. I consider myself super well rounded, Im a part time model and my full time job is amazing with great pay I'm a social butterfly and a make up artist, needless to say a girly girl! Many of my male friends say I'm the complete package... I can't help but feel this is a ``deal breaker'' My Dr said the first outbreak is the worst and mine (although a little stinging and painful) wasn't THAT bad it's the itch that drives me crazy.... How often will I get these outbreaks???? I've never really dealt with rejection and I feel Im going to have to learn to face it. My friends have been supportive but I need to talk to people who can relate and from what I've seen this is the place to come to. My Dr said I have type 1&2 does that mean I'll break out on my lips as well?? Omgeeeeee so many questions and I'm running out of confidence.... Which has Never been an issue for me. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!!

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I just replied to your other thread -




Forgot to mention - it is unlikely you got both from that one night stand - I would guess you had at least one of them (possibly the HSV1 as many had it as a child and never knew it) for quite some time now...


And disclosing is not a guarantee that he would break up with you. You are doing the right thing to avoid make-up sex and to be honest, right now Herpes is probably doing you a favor as you will have to slow the whole thing down and work on the RELATIONSHIP first ... which is a good thing! ;)

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i also responded to your other thread, but to answer some of the questions you posed…HSV1 will manifest itself into a cold sore on or around your mouth. you might have noticed these on other folks -- they sometimes look like a bad pimple, or a blister on the lip. i had mine for the first time (coincidentally, at the same time as my outbreak - so who knows, perhaps i have hsv2 on my lip) and i just thought maybe i bit my lip without realizing it until i noticed it was a little swollen and painful. but since it was right on my lip, it wasn't very noticeable to anyone else.


the outbreaks will totally depend on your body. i had my first outbreak a few weeks ago, and as soon as the first one was finished, i had my second on soon after. the second one was much shorter lived and less painful, partly because i medicated myself fairly quickly. it's hard to say how many you will have, but over time outbreaks have a tendency of naturally becoming less frequent and painful as your body builds up antibodies to fight the virus.


and on the upside, if you've never faced rejection before then think of this as a learning experience. we are all bound to face rejection some time in some way. whether it's in the dating world, or a job, etc. but each rejection makes you stronger because it forces you to look inwardly and identify those things within you that make you such a wonderful person. and if anything, it will give you more empathy for others, and provide an opportunity to help someone down the road in a similar situation.


you can do this!

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iamentj :


HSV1 can also transfer to the genitals ... not sure how Molly got her diagnosis - swab or blood test. Blood tests tell you what you have but not where you have it - only the swab will confirm which one is where.... so it is feasible that she could have both in the genitals. OR she may have had HSV1 for years on her mouth and never known it/never broke out.



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Thanks ladies for the very helpful feedback also on a side note I'm new to creating a discussion board so my apologies for creating two. I have only had an outbreak in my genitals and when blood tested I was told it was 1&2 I've never had anything on my lips. The initial blister was Tiny but very painful and now that it's gone I'm left with this constant itch and razor burn like symptoms. No pain anymore though. Ive started suppressive therapy right away. So if I'm right I can transmit HSV1 from my genitals to someone's lips? However viral shedding is minimal and hsv2 although shedding is more common that's only from genital to genital.... Right?

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HSV2 *can* transmit to the lips but its very very rare. Yes HSV1 could get transmitted to someone elses lips but you are right, it sheds less than HSV2 ...but were you blood tested or swabbed? Ie, if you were only blood tested you *could* have HSV1 orally (possibly for quite some time and just never knew it.) because they can't tell you where you have it with the blood test.

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Molly1.... Our stories are very similar. I am working up the nerve to share my story here. I would describe myself the way you described yourself. Ugh. This is a difficult place to be, mentally, emotionally and even physically. I wish you the best of luck with telling your ex. Let us know what happens. Hugs, abc123

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