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Recently diagnosed, recently confused, please help!

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I was recently diagnosed with HSV, and just by nature I want to find out everything I'm supposed to know now, and worry about it later than the other way around.


I just feel like there's not a good solid list of all the precautions I'm supposed to take and everything I'm supposed to do. It seems like too much information in too many spots, so really anything is appreciated right now.


Firstly, hygiene. It seems that when I shower I should use a new towel every day, but that poses a problem for someone that has three bath towels--and has to pay for laundry. That adds up. Should I use a new towel every day I shower during an outbreak? Should I use a new towel every single day?

The same thing goes for washcloths. I use a loofa--do I need to start buying the for daily use, because again, that also adds up.

I've seen this topic on the site, but I would appreciate any more information given to me. I generally like to shave that region of my body, but always used the same razor for everything. Firstly, can I shave? Secondly, if I can shave it just seems wrong for me to be using the same razor for everything now--legs, etc. Should I be keeping separate razors? Are there any soaps anyone recommends?


I also read somewhere that rubbing alcohol is a good idea--just going from a piercing infection that seems like a very painful thing to do. It also seems like it would dry out that area a bit too much than is healthy.


Please, really just any information. If someone would like to share their daily schedule (during and outbreaks and not during outbreaks), I would be entirely grateful for any advice.


Thanks, you guys!

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blackbird1967 - first, Welcome to the Forum! So glad you found us!


I'll get straight to the point - you don't have to wash your towels after each use. The H virus doesn't live long at all outside of the body and regular soap kills it too. Not need to sterilize everything in your wake either ... toilet seats, bathtubs, whatever. You can't pass it that way ... only skin to skin/direct body fluid transfer :)


There was a loooooong thread about shaving a few weeks back here: http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/1769/ladies-thongs-shaving-and-herpes#Item_56


Basically, for some, it seems to set off an OB. For me, it doesn't bother me at all to shave.... you have to figure out what works for you. And I don't see why you couldn't use the same razor - just clean it with soap when you are done - as I said, any soap will kill it off.


I wouldn't use rubbing alcohol - that's a little (very painful) overkill. Top recomendations here are Epsom Salts baths (3-4 handfuls ... you can drop it in the water around where you are sitting to get a good dose of it), Colloidal silver, and Aveeno Oatmeal Body Wash. I use Ammonium Alum but not sure if you can find it easily any more.


Hope that helps :)



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Welcome!!!!! I feel like we need to get rid of the yahoo questions on herpes...those things are filled with wrong information from ignorant people. I remember sitting up late at night the day before my first outting to get tested and the terror coursing through me as a read post after post of "don't touch anything, burn any clothing or blankets or towels you come in contact with, never go swimming again" and blah blah blah when in reality Dancers post above me is full of real facts. Be careful but don't put yourself in a plastic bubble :)

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