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Recurrence rate for hsv 1 on the side of your breast?

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So this month i got the flu a. yay me! I didn't get an outbreak downstairs but i had the cold sores that show up on my breast come up. I'm kinda down about this as it would be my luck hsv attached itself to my breast. i guess the bright side is at least its not on the nipple. that would hurt. But does anyone know anything about this or have personal experiences with it?

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No girl, I didn't mean it like that. I just know we both got HSV1 genitally so I'm a little worried now I may have some pop up somewhere else. I mean shit if something does ain't like I can change it. Worrying is like a rocking chair. Anyways, that is more than likely what happened. I tried to be super careful during that initial with touching my body. I hate that that has happened to you. Keep us posted! And as always, epsom salt that titty and see if that helps!

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I got my first one in march second in june and third in october. i didn't really notice anything with my breat the first time. i noticed ut though later. I'm fixing to start buying some lysine though. and ige been looking up cremes online for bruising but they are all for busted blood vessels so not sure if they will work. I'm planning on going on a cruise in june and really really don't want this shit showing through my bathing suit.

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Well, Peachy if it makes you feel any better I autoinnoculated my ankles during my 2nd OB. Note to self: Sitting Indian style in a kimono while having an OB on your thigh is not a good idea. Yeah, I'm kind of hoping that doesn't last. Although, if this dang virus wants to attack my ankles and leave my junk alone, I'm all for it. In fact, I'll encourage it and actively support it.

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Speaking of would you rather...Me and a guy friend were talking the other night and he was like how is there not a cure for this, I said I don't know, I personally believe there is one, the government/pharms won't release it. (Just my opinion). But I said I would literally allow someone to cut off both my titties, no anesthesia no nothing, to cure myself of this. I can always buy new titties, can't buy a new vagina. I had him rolling.

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Save the Vajajay!


I don't think there's a cure yet. Maybe in 5-7 years, but I don't think anyone has it stashed away. They're getting closer and Ian Frazer has already hit a homerun with Gardasil. Maybe he'll pull another one off. There's also Genocea, Pritelivir, Acam-529 and several others that are showing promise. It's a slippery little virus. Also, keep an eye on the HIV research. They're learning how to attack viruses that go latent like herpes and that's a key to finding a herpes vaccine that will work. Right now, that's the big problem. They can get the little bugger with Valtrex et. al. while it's floating about, but when it retreats into the nerves the immune system can't find it.


For now I talk to my herpes every night. I sing them lullabies and so far they're quieting down. It's either I'm putting them to sleep or scaring the heck out of them with my out of tune style. Either way, I don't care. The OB has ended!


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As I understand it, the skin OB's should eventually disappear and not come back up because it's drier and H doesn't like "regular" skin outside the genital areas.


Dr_H_positive can probably explain that one better than me...


Regarding the cure -


Herpes was getting a lot of press right when HIV hit the scene and took all the funding away. Herpes was seen as a nuisance issue, HIV was life threatening. I think they are only just starting to come out with more studies for our H friend now that HIV is looking to be well controlled.

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