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Just when you think things are getting better...

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I am not trying to be bring out the negative in having H. I have had to deal with having this since 2006. But I just found out some of the locals in my area know I have H. Fortunately, the people that know so far haven been very supportive. It's crazy when you think you've finally made progress in dealing with having H and then something so small sends you right back in the black hole you never wanted to visit again. I hate this. I want to have better control over my reaction/control with this already! Any advice is welcome! So looking forward to the home study!

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But I just found out some of the locals in my area know I have H. Fortunately, the people that know so far haven been very supportive.


So, what's the problem?? They know - AND they are being supportive. That sounds like a WIN to me!


I came completely out (as in, big-assed note on FB with my status, Herpes facts, and a statement that I'm on a mission to change the Herpes paradigm in the public AND for the H+ folks like yourself) and only had great support from everyone. Only one person cut me off...the guy whose reaction to my disclosure pushed me over the edge to the point of not caring who knows any more. Well, Herpes showed me who he is, and I don't need a person like him in my life.


I've also disclosed on my dating profile on OK Cupid and believe it or not, I am getting plenty of interest from H- guys who appreciate my honesty. Whoda thunk, eh?


Honey.... the ONLY person that is beating you up right now is YOU! How crazy is that? Let these people support and love you in all your Herpaciousness..... ;)


I can't wait for you do to the course too... not long now!!!!




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I agree with Dancer completely..

You are beating yourself up over the fact that they know.. I know you probably haven't wanted any one else to know, but you are not alone. Remember some of those people might have it also.. Also like she said YOU are in control of how YOU think. (:


I remember saying to many people, I had a friend who decided to tell everyone about my herpes. Some people asked me questions and some people were mean to me.. I just decided to push all the negative people out of my life, but told them I will still be there if they do have any questions eventually. The fact is.. it doesn't matter who knows..

I kind of do a guessing game.. Every 5 people I guess who has it.. It makes me laugh a bit.


Also I was in a movie the other day.. && they made an awful Herpes joke.. I saw several people look around like " Do they know ?" Or they look uncomfortable.. I was like " Yeah I know." It's really not bad. Especially if they are supportive.

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