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A herpes vaccine on the horizon? Take a look at this.

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I know almost every one of us here who gets the HSV2 diagnosis automatically thinks "OMG..what about HIV."


And, we all know that there is some correlation between the two because the blisters can make it easier to transmit the bad boy of STD's. I know that reality has kept a lot of us up late at night which is why I'm sharing this.


I came across this article tonight and it's an interesting approach that these folks are taking towards vaccine development. It's not quack science, has some big name degrees backing it, and it's an interesting approach that could lead to developments in other areas of vaccine research. The RT articles covers the approach in detail, just be careful at taking the article at face value as most RT articles tend to play fast and loose with facts as they see fit. But, I think overall this one summed things up pretty well without too much spin from other articles I read on it.




If this works, it could push big pharma out of the way and put the power of vaccine development back into the hands of private researchers who are eager to solve the problems rather than make a buck. I know for the long-timers there's an overwhelming sense that big pharma's holding vaccine development back because they're just not profitable. I agree, and so do the folks at the Immunity Project. If this works, the approach they're trying could one day be applied to HSV infections as well. After all, they're harnessing the power of the immune system to do this, and we all know it's the power of the immune system that keeps the HSV from ruining our weekend dates.


This could be one more building block in the vaccine puzzle. So, if you're interested and haven't already seen this, take a look at the research, the people behind it, and if you have a few bucks, toss 'em their way and let's see where this goes. I just sent 'em a few and figure what the heck; it's a lottery ticket and if they hit the numbers just right, we all win.


I also know there's at least one highly paid 23 year old in this forum with a brand new job who just might throw 'em a 10 spot, too.



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@herry let me get cable and internet so I can actually read stuff decently instead of on my stupid tiny phone and I will do what I can! Vaccines are always a go in my book. And I agree, I think money has a lot to do with why we haven't seen cures for many things out there. As I have said, I believe there is a cure for herpes. I truly do. I just think treatment makes more money right now for the companies and government.

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Yep, this one isn't using medicine, it's using the body's own DNA and RNA to kick it down. It's like tuning up an engine so it's more efficient. If this works, and there are indications that it might, it's a game changer for the world of medicine and could have significant impact on other viruses.

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