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help! my boyfriend's herpes outbreak on face won't go away

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hi my boyfriend has what we believe to be a herpes 1 outbreak on his face since he was diagnosed with it in January. He has been taking my valtrex almost everyday for the past month or month and a half since he was diagnosed but it's still not going away. has anyone ever had this happen and if so what can he do to make it stop?? hes so depressed i dont know what to do because if he's taking the medicine every day its supposed to go away after 5 days my dr said.

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So here's the thing...assuming it's HSV1, (sounds like you don't have a definite diagnosis) he really needs to understand that 80% of the population has HSV1. Many people have been through this part and have built up the immune system and have learned how to control it through lifestyle and stress management. It WILL get better.


Now, the thing is, this should have cleared by now with the valtrex.... or at least settled down a lot. So you may want to go to a dermatologist ... maybe something else is going on. In the meantime, get him to get some Abreva (you can get it at anyplace that has OTC drugs), and try that directly on the OB. That can help to dry it up. If that doesn't work, then you may well have something else going on..



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My doctor told me the medication prescribed for cold sores around the mouth is different for the genital region in terms of the dosage and the frequency at which you take it. I am a bit confused about something, you mentioned he was taking your medication? I think he should take medication that is prescribed to him because it would most likely suit his needs. It sounds like you got this one covered, I know meds are difficult to get without the money. Something I worry about in the future personally.

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I guessing what they meant is they don't give Valtrex for HSV1 when its oral ... because "cold sores" are "acceptable". This is the messed up thing - they are ignoring that half of all genital cases now are from Oral sex.


Your best defense is to get well educated (print out the handouts and memorize the facts) then go back in and tell them the stats for HSV1 transmission to genitals via Oral Sex and ask them what you are supposed to do about that? I'd love to hear their answer. :/


If anyone has a better reason (@Adrial ?) then I'd love to learn why they would not give meds or HSV1 oral.

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