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Could it be possible?!?!

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Hi guys! I know I haven't posted since my initial post when I found out I was HSV-2 positive back in January but, I do read your posts almost daily, and want you all to know you have helped me out tremendously while dealing with this. So thank you.. As time has passed, I've spent a lot of time wondering who may have passed this lovely little gift on to me, and I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to catch it from receiving a Brazilian wax? You see, 2 days before the "oh no, im getting a yeast infection" feeling popped up, I went in for a Brazilian wax, as I normally did every 6 weeks.. I would really like to know if it is all possible? I've done some research but haven't found much information on it. I also mentioned it to my Dr when I went in for my "yeast infection", and really all he would say is that I should be careful, and that you never know when tools are sanitized properly or not. I know that H can enter the skin through breaks/tears, and obviously a wax like that, can cause breaks or tears in the skin.. but, i'm unsure as to how long H can live outside of the body? Is it possible that my Aesthetician waxed someone that is H positive right before me, and it was either in the wax or on her tools and was passed on to me? Im very confused about this. Any thoughts or comments would be very helpful! Thanks : )

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Hmm... well you know the answer you are most likely going to get is no. BUT in my opinion I believe the virus can last a little while outside the body and possibly infect someone else. (They should do a study to find out how long it can survive outside the body.) It could be possible that happened to you, but unlikely (Well... depending on just how long after the other person did you go.) Another possibility may be that you had it but did not show signs until the waxing irritated you. The thing about this condition is that condoms don't fully protect someone against this so you could have been affected and not even know you were at risk which is why you may not be able to pin where it came from :/


I'm sure someone may give you a different answer.

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Thanks for your input @ChanelChanel, I guess I should have mentioned that I actually (luckily) know the small time frame that I contracted it.. You see, when I got my test results back from my Dr. my blood test was actually negative, but the culture was positive. He said that, that shows that this was a "recent exposure", so recent that my body has not had time to build up the antibodies to the virus.. My long term boyfriend has tested negative, So, the wax is the only other possible option?? Unless.. my doctor was wrong about my blood test?? I know that in England or some other country, scientists did do a study on library books a while back, and they in fact did find HSV on a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey ( how convenient!!) but, it was HSV 1 and the story was very vague, didnt have many details at all.. You can google it if your interested in finding it, I cant remember the name of where I found the story at, just google.. "Scientist find Herpes Virus on Library Book".. Anyway, thanks again for you input.. : )

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I doubt very, VERY much that it was from the wax - the wax is heated to 125-140 degrees... I finally found some info that says that they can stop replication of the virus at 104 degrees... I'd bet the virus dies at temps a little higher than that - never mind that the virus doesn't live well outside the body for long anyway. I can't think of any tool they would use that doesn't spend a lot of time in the wax too so I just can't think of anything that they would do that could pass it on from one client to another.

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