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Here's My Story

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Hey Everyone:


You have all been very supportive since I joined and just wanted to say thank you!


I just wanted a little catharsis and tell my story to maybe find something about myself, so here goes.


I was born and raised in South Florida, I was an above average kid in high school. I played football and was pretty good, well good enough to play a season of D1AA ball. Well anyway I was stupid and decided to have a serious relationship with some stupid girl during my senior year. While I wasn't the most popular kid in school, I was still well liked b everyone and was pretty easy on the eyes and flirted and partied with everyone. Well then I began to realize this and started to fool around with a few freshmen girls (Yes I cheated, been cheated on, who hasn't). During this time I was getting head like every other day and I wasn't using protection because I didn't care and was seriously unaware of the dangers despite all of the sex ed in school. Anyway, this went on for a good 3-4 months, and eventually I put an end to it, I couldn't deal with all of the lies and close calls, and stress. Before I left for college I told my girlfriend what I had done like 2 days before I left, (I know, not the best thing to do, in hind-sight I chose the wrong girl to be with I should've picked the younger girl I was cheating with, she was so much better, and so much more mature on every level). (Also, to be clear, this girl did more than enough fucked up stuff in the relationship too, in these cases it always takes two). My first year of college sucked because she still wanted to be with me and I felt obligated to be with her to redeem myself, so we drug it out (long story short, a lot of needless fighting and surprise visits and meaningless BS to deal with that wasted both of our time). I decided to transfer universities and move back home, shortly after I came home I had to permanently end our screwed up relationship. After about 6 months home I get the first outbreak (the worst), I go to the doctor, get the culture test done and find out I have H. I was in total shock and though my life was over (I still have plenty of bad days dealing with it now). Eventually I began to realized this is better than having AIDS or HIV, and I just have to play the hand I'm dealt, shitty as it is. Now I'm an FAU senior, having H has made me focus on what's important, I made the dean's and president's list and am looking at all of the top business schools for my MBA.


Now, looking back, everyone including myself were laughing at the statistical information and images and information at the sex ed seminars, now the table has turned.



I'm just college kid, I'm 22, I found out I had H when I was 20 like right when I got home from my first year away so yeah I was extremely depressed and enraged, I had no idea what to do. I only recently confronted my ex-girlfriend and she told me she had HPV, so as if only having H would be bad enough I might have HPV too, great... After all of the research I've done on these two subjects, it is clear that HPV is more common and widespread than H. But in the contrary regard to asymptomatic types who possess HPV, no symptoms = high cancer risk, while possessing symptoms = low cancer risk. I figured I would start to share information like this since I don't date much now.


Can a few moments of fun be worth a lifetime of punishment? The simple answer is NO, I continue to pay for what I did everyday and would definitely change it if I could.


I'm sorry it's not the best story, but it's MY story and they were MY choices and I bear the consequences of my past.


I wrote this for my own reasons, take away from it what you will.

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Well thank you GreenEyes, and yes Adrial is awesome! But the weird thing is you could 10 years ago and it will decide to pop up now, the intricacies of this virus are quite interesting, hence the reason in which why it is so hard to cure. I have become more wise over the past few years and I feel that H has been a part of that, but is it better to be on year round suppressive treatment? Because I only take valtrex when I begin to have an outbreak. The only reason I ask is because there are certain drugs out there that should be used in cycles due to the risk of liver damage. Oral drugs, once swallowed and digested have to be broken down in the liver, if the drug has certain chemical properties (obviously high pH ratio) it will end up causing liver cancer or failure in the long run.

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