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Herpes outbreaks in different spots?! soo confused! super detailed

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Ooook.. not understanding my body with the herpes obs.

first ever sympton was in dec/jan a tiny bump next to the clit. Went away on its own.

then 2 weeks later the perinium area was super itchy as hell, took valtrex and it didnt stop for 2 weeks!

in april went thru excrutiating pain, a bump appeard next to the clit, but then grew ... i mean like an inch long, centimeter wide, pain pain pain, epsom salt baths didnt work...was on valtrex and i ended up on naproxen.. and prob o.d. a bit but it was the only thing that helped the pain. No itch or burn or blisters.

2 weeks ago had itchy red skin on perinium which then turned into bumps.. like 5 or 6. No blisters no burn. Took valtrex again.

literally right now i just took a valtrex cuz i felt a tiny bit of discomfort/pain after going to the washroom. No burn no itch. But i think i see tiny little cluster of bumps. Like super tiny, but this time is on the other side of the clit compared to the past symptons.Which could maybe be an ob hence why i took valtrex just now.

i called the doc n have an apt mon. Gonna try n go on suppressives.

has any of u gone thru this? Different areas, confusing symptons, grrrrr.

i mean i understand h is a tricky lil bugger, but over the past 6 months i figured i would understand the .. my prodoms..

any feedback is much appriciated!!!! xox


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We will often end up with several "regular" spots where it can come up ... and it can move around between them ... so this sounds normal..


And 6 months ... yeah - you are still a "newbie" - the normal time for everything to really settle down and get under control can be around a year or thereabouts ... and even then, you may take a little longer to totally figure out *your* prodromes/symptoms/OB patterns etc....


You did the right thing tho - taking a pill as soon as you feel the tingle can really help knock it right down. Sounds like supressive therapy may be a good option for you for at least 6 months, maybe a year - then see if you want to come off and see how your body is coping with it....

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