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I have herpes and I'm pregnant. ..anyone else like me???

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Hello and Welcome!


Your first priority is to make sure your OBGYN knows (did you learn when you found out you are pregnant?) They will monitor you and will likely put you on Valcyclovir for the last month of your pregnancy to hopefully keep you from having an OB at delivery... until that time your baby is quite safe. Your doctors will advise you if they think you are a risk (ie, suspect an OB) at the time of delivery.


I had one of my (now grown) children naturally and she was just fine. It's entirely possible that you will be able to have a natural delivery tho if you are very recently exposed then your risk is a little higher for an OB (and hence Cesarean) at delivery time because it takes about a year for the body to get full control of the virus.


Your 3 yr old should be fine but if the OB is on your leg you will want to keep a band-aid over it and'or make sure the area is covered with pants/whatever. Otherwise you should be fine. I shared baths with my daughters, towels, toilets, etc. The virus doesn't live long at all outside the body. The main thing is to not let your child to get in contact with the open sore.



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Thanks !! Well see I thought I had herpes and went to my gyn and they tested me it came back negative then about a month later I found out I was pregnant and about 2 weeks later I had another ob went back to the dr and got tested positive. The guy I slept with in December of last year gave it to me he also had a girlfriend I didnt know about and she is the one who told me she has had it since she was 18 but he denies giving it to me

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It's been a long time since I've been on here.. But wanted to tell you that I have been hsv2 for almost two years.. And I am almost 6 months pregnant... All u need to do is tell ur doctor so they can monitor ur herpes before delivery... They will put u on something before U give birth to keep outbreaks at bay before ur baby arrives... It's also important to know when u contracted herpes, if it was before pregnancy or while pregnant.. Just so they know the severity of ur outbreaks during pregnancy.. They need to know wether uve built up any immunity to it yet.. If u have built some ull actually help the babies immunity to it.. I had mine before and to be honest I'm planning a c-section because I am the type that goes early in pregnancy because of being high risk pregnancy.. Pregnancy is always up in the air but know that having hsv is nothing to worry about with pregnancy as long as ur doctor knows the info... Hope this helps..:0)

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Hi, sadly this is basically what happened to me. Only my ex passed it to me when I got pregnant, it took a month into my pregnancy and me calling my ob to find out the results of my tests before I found out. And then I had to wait another month for my scheduled blood tests. Sadly my story doesn't have a happy ending, my new ob/gyn assured me however that next time we can take every step to make sure the baby is born healthy. I wish you all the best!:)

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I'm not sure, but I think the protocol is to take suppressive meds for about 4-6 weeks before delivery. If you're concerned about it and it's causing you stress, just get on suppressive meds now and it *should* make your outbreaks non-existent. You have about 7 months to go so in that time your body will have built up a good immunity and the risk isn't as great of passing it along to your baby.

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