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Herpes symptoms or Acne?

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Here is my situation to start with:

Currently in my mid 20s, I've had 9 separate partners in my life.

I get annual checkups done including blood work.

So in March of this year, serology report stated that I tested was positive (antibodies detected) for herpes simplex virus.

The test wasn't type specific though.

Regardless, I've come to accept it, haven't been sexually active ever since the serology report.

Also informed my last 3 exes about the situation (alcohol may have been involved; liquid courage).



Here is my question:

Are the conventional specifics of herpes symptoms universal or do they differ from individual to individual?


It's stated some people are asymptomatic, so many people who have herpes are unaware of the situation.

I wouldn't have known either if it wasn't for myself being peculiarly interested in my health.


According to various sources, herpes symptoms are groupings or patches of painful blisters filled with clear liquid.

I've had some dermatological problems in the groin area but except for them being inflammatory (protrusions on the dermis) they don't correspond with what is commonly stated as symptoms.


I've only had singular blister'ish inflammations of the dermis, never groupings, never itchy nor painful, and not filled with clear fluid.

If they ever contain mucoserous content, it was more similar to acne content rather than the described clean liquid that the viral infection produces.


So reiterating the question, "Are the conventional specifics of herpes symptoms universal or do they differ from individual to individual?"


Thanks for your time.

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I would suggest you have another blood test.


You could have HSV1 orally like the majority of people and be asymptomatic and the issues going on with your genitals could be something else.


Unless you get a swab done, blood tests don't really tell you where you have the virus on yoru body, mouth or genitals.



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Love the use of the "proper language" friend ...LOL ... we mostly use the simpler forms to describe things here so everyone understands what we are saying ;)


I agree with @whitedaisies - I would go for a type specific test for a few reasons.


If you type for HSV2, then odds are your "genital acne" is actually an outbreak (OB) . Some people present with blisters, others with what looks like ingrown hairs, and some are more like a rash. So while the "conventional" descriptions only mention blisters, there's a much larger range of visual symptoms. And only 1% of all oral H is from HSV2 because that virus doesnt like it there at all ....


If you type for HSV1, it's a bit more ambiguous ... 60% of all young people have Oral H1 by the time they are young adults. I got mine at age 3. Kids sharing toys and drinks and sloppy kisses with an Auntie with an OB who doesn't know she can pass it on are the normal route for the virus to spread in young children ... some will pass it on when they start exploring kissing in their later teens. And then many pass it on to the genitals of another with oral sex because they thing oral sex is "safe" and they still save their virginity for their "love". 50% of all new genital cases are HSV1.


So - get type tested ... if you are H2+, you know you have genital herpes and likely the "acne" is an OB (You can always get one swabbed to confirm). If you are H1+, I'd definitely go the swab route so that YOU know for sure.


Doctors may fight you on this (some say "Herpes is Herpes" and it doesn't matter which one you have) but just tell them you want to know so that if your future partner already has one or the other, you know if you need to protect them, AND what area you are likely carrying the virus in.

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I hear ya on the alchohol front. That played a prominate role in my contracting H. Its amazing how invinceable you seem after you get a few beers down the hatch.


I agree with the others, you need to get type tested. After 27 years this October at my next doctor appointment I'm going to ask her to order up the test. Back in the day I had 3 different outbreaks swabbed and they all came back negative. They (US Navy doctors and corpsmen) would never do a blood test. I eventually accepted the fact I have herpes and got on with life. As I have said before, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...it's herpes.


Over the years my outbreaks have varied. Some have blisters, some look like a bad rash. Sometimes it just itches like hell but there is no visible outbreak. Ultimatly herpes plays by its own rules.

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