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IgG false negative and possibly never getting sores... I am really confused.

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Well, January of 2013 I experienced pain while urinating. No other symptoms (although I think I had a cold at the same time because my body ached). I got tested for everything under the sun, but it was made difficult by the lack of sores. I came back clean for everything, and we agreed on a large dose of antibiotics in case it was just a mystery case of Chlamydia. After a few days I was still in large amounts of pain during urination and went back. Now we started leaning down the Herpes route. I did more testing and the doc prescribed me Valtrex because we couldn't see it being anything else but Herpes or a damaged urethra. After about a week of the painful urination it went away (2-3 days after starting valtrex). I assumed I had herpes and went on with my life, planning on doing a blood test in 4 months.


Well, time went by and I decided to get the test done after 8 months of celibacy and waiting. I got my results and I was below .2 for both HSV1 and HSV2! That seemed pretty conclusive to me and the medical staff, and I figured I just damaged my urethra.


Fast forward to this last weekend. I met a new partner and we began having sex two saturdays ago. This last sunday she asked me to look at a "cut" in her vagina. Niether of us have been sexually active for some time before we met, and we have really been active since saturday, and I of course went white in the face. I looked and there seemed to be a small cut/tear with one small ulcer on the edge. I immediately told her of my scare, and she went to the doctor today. He tested her for HSV, UTI, and a yeast infection and didn't seem to lean in any direction, just told her she was dehydrated and needed fluids and to wait on the results.


Could I have gotten a false negative after 8 months AND never had an OB except maybe one in my urethra? I was ok and had come to terms with possibly having it, but now I am terrified I did the one thing I vowed never to do, spread it. :(


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Hello and welcome!


I.m.o. i highly doubt that u have hsv if u tested negative after 8 months. Yes it is possible tho, just not likely. I was neg after 4 months then possitive after 6. Every persons reaction to the virus is different!


If she hasnt been tested for hsv, it is possible she had it before she met u and is just now experiencing symptons.


Since ur gal hasnt been sexually active for some time and then bam u 2 meet and went super sexually active her doc could be right about dehydration, i went thru a dry spell of no sex for almost 8 months and when i met my now ex, i was super sore, tender to touch, burned to pee yadda yadda yadda ... and every test in the book was negative and my doc told me the same thing. Drink lotsa water, and make sure that if shes not (sorry for vulgarity here) "wet" enough and ur goin hard, as much as it may feel good, a girl can tear a bit. Solution? Keep her Hydrated and do a little more foreplay. If u guys dont like doing the oral stuff theres lots of ways to touch and be sensual!


And IF you do havr hsv, dont be too hard on yourself, as u took all the right precations to try and understand ur body. Alot of people wont, so cudos for that!


Hope this helps a bit


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I agree - it's unlikely - but I'd get another test just to be sure. Your new partner won't have a + blood result at this point unless she already had H ... but if they took a swab *hopefully* they will have got a good catch...it's harder when it's more like a cut than a blister.


Certainly if you have not had sex in awhile, the skin will be more likely to get irritated ...sorta like when you get a blister in the Spring after doing no gardening all winter... after a couple weeks, your hands adjust and you stop getting sores and blisters ;)


Also, any time we get a new partner, our body has to adjust to their fluids/chemistry... to our body, it's a "foreign" substance and sometimes that causes irritation.


Get tested and in the meantime, use lots of lube and stay hydrated :)


Keep us posted about your results ...



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Thanks for the advice guys. Unfortunately yesterday during dinner I got the weird tingles/crawling feeling. Behold, I found one tiny little blister. So far that is all that's going on, but it seems pretty apparent now. It's strange that I infected her a week before my breakout :(

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Interesting. My partners tests all came back negative (all were swab tests). Do I have some weird strain that is untestable? I mean I have had numerous blood tests (IgG) and now she has had a swab test come back negative. I have had no issues for a year and a half. I guess the next step is western blot? I just know something is going on and I wish I could have some sort of confirmation!

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To my knowledge there are no "untestable" strains.


Given your partners' type of lesion it was a bit dicey that she would get a good catch that would have enough virus to show up on the swab.


If you have a blister, get it swabbed ASAP ... and go to an STD clinic or a urologist/infectious disease Dr so they get a good swab. Family Dr's are often not as up to date on their info. If you get nothing on the swab, you can try the Western Blot ... but I'd try the swab given that you have a blister ;)

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