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IGG negative??? Confused

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I have just had my blood test results back after an IGG test to determine if I have HSV. To give you the story, my old partner (I think) gave me GHSV. She said she had caught it from her ex-boyfriend who had a coldsore and then passed it on to her via oral sex (so we presume HSV1). I, like her only had one outbreak which was 6.5 years ago. I saw the doctor at the time who thought it was herpes but also put on my medical records it may have been thrush. I would say I had classic symptoms of herpes at the time, flu like feelings, red dots on the gland of my penis.

My current partner has UC so has a compromised immune system and we need to make sure we are careful, herpes for her would be very bad. As a child she is sure she had coldsores so would expect HSV1. She also had an IGG test done recently (different medical practice) and her IGG test also came back negative for HSV 1 and 2.

I know no test is 100% accurate but am surprised we are both negative for both HSV types, the odds of both of us being false-negative must be very low. We are both well past the time it takes the antibodies to be made (I gather this is one possibility for false-negative tests).

I have just informed my ex regarding the negative IGG test. She informed me that she never had coldsores until she was with her ex but has had a few since, and currently has one on her lip which the doctor thought was due to her to being run down. Despite being run down she said she's never had a further outbreak on her genitals. I gather while not impossible it is unlikely to self-spread GHSV to your mouth? Any advice regarding these issues? Could I in fact not have HSV? Thank you for any advice

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Hey there and welcome!


Yes, that is quite strange. And it doesn't surprise me, either. I've heard of so many false-negatives and false-positives over the years on this site due to IgG tests. The best blood test that I've ever heard of is the Western Blot. It's harder to get and not as ubiquitous as the IgG (go figure), but it gives verifiable results. Here's more information on that:



And about her actually having cold sores, most likely that is HSV-1 (only 2% of cold sores are from HSV-2); she could find out for sure by getting the active cold sore swabbed by a doctor. And since she has cold sores, that would mean she has antibodies built up against that strain. Good news is that protects her more from getting either strain of HSV on her genitals.


Is it possible that you don't have herpes? Yes. The symptoms you mention do sound like the onset of herpes, but hard to say just based on explanation. I'd suggest getting the Western Blot to make absolutely sure. Very fishy that nothing came up for her results even though she has cold sores. That would have me being wary of your results, too.


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A little additional info on the Western Blot - some labs and Dr's won't run the test...if that's the case you can become a phone patient of Terri Warren's at the Westover Heights Clinic, http://westoverheights.com/ (503) 226-6678 ... she can order the test for you through Quest Labs. Apparently after she protested some years back they agreed to let her continue ordering out the test through them.



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