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It's just a thing.

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So I met up with a guy I knew a few years ago. He's not living around here cause he's currently deployed in the military' but he's on leave for a few weeks. I honestly don't even know where to start. We hung out and ended up staying together at a friends house and staying up all night talking and spent the entire day together the next day. He kissed me and we had made out a few times and he asked me to come over the next day. Things got pretty heated and I definitely was worried because we have definite chemistry. Well the day before we ended up talking about stds and he said something that made him seem like he was more understanding about this kind if thing than most people out age (19-20). So the next day he was telling me that he actually likes me and maybe this is a thing so I asked him what could make him not like me? His response was if I had a meth lab on my basement lol. So then I said what if something is wrong with me and I told him it's something we've kind of talked about it and had him guess. His response was it's just a thing. I like you and it's just a small thing and something so insignificant doesn't phase him. He wanted to know how likely it would be for him to get it and after seeing some things that he has it's just a simple thing. He wants to be careful and go slow but it's not something that has changed his mind. I can't begin to explain how happy this makes me. Just for the simple fact that there are people who aren't going to reject me for that. He asked questions and said he really doesn't know much about it and wants to do a little research of his own. But he hasn't changed towards me and we've been hanging out every day and he's even stayed with me (no sex yet). It's just a good feeling and I want someone to know that it shouldn't matter if you have this. Reading success stories before mine I was convinced that I would never meet a guy (atleast until I'm way older!) who would accept it. It's possible. :)

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You got the Dancer Dancin' over here ... whooohooo!!!


The only thing I would do would be to send him the links for the handouts on here ...


Handouts + disclosure e-book:



and maybe tell him that we have a section just for him if he has questions:




The last thing you want is him Googling herpes - there's a lot of horrid info out there :(


But he's right. It's just a thing.


Simple, isn't it?



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