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Oral HSV2 Questions.

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I have a couple questions about oral HSV2... Are there really no documented cases of it occurring? Is the likely hood of transmitting it 1%? I was diagnosed with genital HSV2 a month ago. Since this time, I have been extremely aware and possibly paranoid about any changes my body has been experiencing. Lately, I have begun to notice that my taste buds appear a bit larger... When I had my first outbreak, I had a sore throat, had a culture taken from there and my genitals but only the genitals came back positive for HSV2.... I have also been doing a lot of reading about how your tongue can tell a lot about your health. The past month has been filled with lots of stress and anxiety so Im not sure if my tongue is reacting to that, valtrex or oral HSV2... Any thoughts?


Ps. I have had a second genital outbreak but did not get any sore throat or visible sores in my throat... My taste buds just appear consistently larger, especially after I brush my teeth and tongue.

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Well, I will say I am not an expert but I do have HSV1 orally and I get it inside my mouth.


Oral HSV2 is rare especially reoccurring but it does happen.


I would say stop brushing your tongue, you may be irritating it. Tastebuds at the back of your throat are large, they are for everyone, we just never notice them. As for other taste buds on the rest of your tongue, they can seem more distinguishable....hard to tell if it is from valtrex, oral hsv2 unless you get it swabbed. I wouldn't think it's from Valtrex however, likely hsv2 or stress on the body, could be thrush too.


Unless you swab its hard to tell and I would see a doctor about it to get a professional opinion.

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Thank you for the insight. I have an ora-brush which is just a soft bristled tongue cleaner. If I don't clean my tongue every night, my mouth feels absolutely disgusting in the morning. Might consult a doctor about it... Just so sick of having to have so many doctor's appointments in the past month lol.

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The original sore throat/etc is VERY normal - my ex got flu-like symptoms with EVERY OB for years ... tho it's totally stopped now.


As for the tongue, it may well be that you are just obsessing and looking for every little sign of something. Believe me, you will know if you have H2 oral. We have a couple folks on here who have it in the back of the throat and they are in no doubt about it....


I'm wondering if there is *anything* wrong with the tongue, that it's more likely Thrush .... some people get that on Valtrex. Hopefully your Dr will do a culture for that.



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