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Oral sex protection and oral sex experience

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I've been feeling down about not being able to do things that "normal" couples can do. I was on this site A LOT when I first found it but have avoided this site for a few months up until now, because I didn't want to obsess about herpes anymore, but I felt it was time to talk about it with you all again. Just looking for some inspiration and cheering up. (I have oral and genital HSV1 but have not had another outbreak since my initial in April of 2013).


So back to feeling down about not being able to do certain things, I just came to the thought that the right guy out there will accept this about me and will be willing to take the precautions needed to protect him…so going into that, have any of you used dental dam or condoms during oral sex? Where do you even buy dental dams? Is oral still fun/feel good with the use of protection? Is it weird/different compared to oral sex without the protection? I'm not very experienced to begin with, so I'm also wondering if many couples do use protection during oral sex or if most people only use it when they are aware of an STD? I am generalizing when I say "do most people…" which I know is bad because everyone is different! But I'd love to learn more about these things.

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Well first of all, given that the majority of the population (80%) has HSV1, odds are your prospective partner will already have it in which case they will have at least *some* natural protection from the antibodies.


Dental dams? I've never bought them - I'd google that ... but I hear many use Saran Wrap ... the idea is to have a very thin membrane between you and your partner so that they are safe but sensation isn't lost.


You may want to consider the anti-virals - the virus doesn't shed down there nearly as much anyway so with the meds your risk would be a lot lower anyways :)


There is no reason to not enjoy Oral sex... it's just a matter of you and your partner figuring out what you are both comfortable with ;)



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I started dating someone new on the same week that I was diagnosed. A month and a half later, we are now engaging in sex including oral. I have genital HSV-2 and I'm taking suppressive therapy, L-Lysine and trying to take care of myself. I've given my new partner as much information as I could about preventing or reducing the risk of transmission and he decided that he still wanted to engage in sex including oral sex. We actually didn't use any barrier protection. At the time, I had no signs or lesions of an outbreak though we both understand that there are still risks.


This video was helpful in our decision to engage in oral sex (Adrial has it cued up to the section on oral sex in Dr. Leone's talk):

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