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I always feel sick

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Since getting H I always feel sick. I know having flu like symptoms is a symptom but goodness how long do the symptoms last? I'm sure it varies from person to person but I'm so fed up with feeling sick. It's making it sooooo difficult to not let the fact that I have h consistently occupy my mind. I think about it so much I feel like other ppl just know I have it but I know they don't know. Since getting this I'm just so drained and it's hard to carry out my everyday activities and it interferes with school and work. I think my first OB is over but I keep getting random aches and I just feel weird all the time.

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Yes I had similar experience and others do too. Maybe u should try to go on suppressive for a few months til ur body learns to deal and then wean off. Talk to ur doctor.


If u are feeling depressed it feels worse too.


Hang in there. See ur doctor sooner than later. I lost weight too but thanks to donuts I have gained it all back!!!!


You will be ok

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2 weeks in is still VERY early in your H journey and your body is still learning how to work with it. I agree with @WD - talk to your Dr - you may need anti-virals - or you may temporarily need something to help you with anxiety/depression if it's affecting you that way. It WILL get better... just be patient with your body. It's working hard right now to send those little virus into hiding ;)



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Dss, when I had my initial OB I thought, as did the splint and pill man, that it was MONO, which is in the herpes family ( why do I picture a mob family??) by the way. I was about to describe my ordeal but didn't want to bring you down. it took a few weeks for me to "get right" (some question if I ever was). most critters in the H family make you feel drained for some time, probably because they are all life long and the body has to adjust to its new reality. you will eventually feel better. oh when I was having issues eating what save my life ( literally) was muscle milk, lots of protein in a small amount and emergen-C look around the vitamins orange is best. I had lost so much weight so fast ( ive since found it) my body had gone catabolic and was consuming itself. rest when you can, get something in your tummy, don't over stress.


you will get better, it just takes some time. hugs.

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Actually @seeker , that's a great suggestion ... the Muscle Milk (or similar Protein drinks) ... I'll have to put that into my suggestions from now on. I had a spell where I had really bad Irritable Bowel where everything I ate ran through me and I couldn't eat and I lived on Ensure (they didn't really have many Protein drink options then) for about 6 weeks while my body figured it all out and settled down. Thanks for reminding me about that ;)

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