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Can HSV-2 level indicate how long you've had it?

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Hello friends,


As some of you may have read earlier, I've never had an OB and was getting tested along with my g/f so we can ditch condoms. I got the verbal news last week, but finally saw the paperwork today. My level is 5.30 with the word "high" in bold letters next to it. (I felt that was kind of rubbing it in, but OK)


Anyway, since I've never had an OB, I'm trying to figure out when I was exposed to it. Is it safe to say, since my level is so high, that I've had this for a while? Or does one have no bearing on the other?


Thanks in advance,


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sorry never, I had to kind of laugh. my readout said 6.4 HIGH in bold capital letters and I thought. ' who the hell thought that was a good idea?"

im not sure. I had a nurse friend tell me mine could mean ive had it quite some time, long enough in fact to have gotten it from my ex-wife. not a conversation I want to have by the way. 6 years since divorce. I was having an OB at the time, a sore and itching. it could have been elevated from an OB is my guess. not sure if there is any correlation between score and time other than it takes around 4 months to get enough to have a definitive test.

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From my understanding (and information on this kind of thing is not easy to find and when you come across it, it's often so technical that you can't follow it anyway. :p ) is that you can assume you have a reasonably established viral load with numbers like that .... but why some have incredibly high numbers and others remain just over the "positive" range isn't clear to me, except to assume that each person's immune system is more or less reactive to another's system for many reasons .... relative health, age, hormones, diet, weight, sex, etc.

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Does that mean that if you are over 5.0, it's impossible for it to be a false positive? Does that ever happen? I am seven months pregnant and never had an outbreak. I was diagnosed by routine testing early in my pregnancy. My husband who was my fiance at the time I was diagnosed is negative. I guess I've accepted my diagnosis but feel so weird that I have an incurable disease that I have no symptoms of. I'm also scared of exposing my husband to it. I know the risk is low, but I'm I love him too much to risk giving it to him. Thanks for listening.

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Hello and Welcome!


5.0 is pretty conclusive. If you have any doubt, get retested, but anything over 3.5 is considered a definite positive number. The "Good" news is that you obviously have had it awhile ... it's much more dangerous for the baby if you get H in the last months of pregnancy. With that number you should have had it quite awhile ... and your body obviously has it will under control.


What did your Dr say? Are they putting you on Valtrex for the last month. That seems to be normal protocol nowadays.


I had 2 babies and I was H+ - both are fine. My ex got it from me because I didn't know my "rash" was H. At least you know now ... so you can discuss how to protect him. Most new cases are from people who are unaware they have it. So it's actually "good" news that you got the test and you know now...


I've had it 35 yrs and it isn't a big deal for me. Focus on that beautiful baby ... and talk to your Dr about how they will progress with your birth plan.



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The nurse practitioner was the one who went over my test results and she didn't seem to feel like it was a big deal. She mentioned Valtrex for the last month but since I have to have a c-section either way due to a previous abdominal fibroid surgery maybe that won't be necessary? Thank you for reassuring me. I was really worried about the baby, depressed, and even suicidal when I first found out. I read a lot of your responses in the first weeks to prevent me from tailspinning. But I knew I had to try to stay strong for the baby. I'm just now strong enough to actually post and come to terms with everything somewhat. Thank you for answering my questions.

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If you are going to have a Cesarean then Valtrex would just be, (as @willow suggested) to help your body keep it at bay for YOUR sake. Although if you wanted a vaginal birth, I might get a second opinion ... I was scared into having a Cesarean for my first because of H .. found out after that I didn't need to (wasn't having an OB then) ... had to fight to get a new Dr for my second because the first said because I had already had one, I HAD to always have cesareans from that point on and I had done my research and learned that I *could* have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) ... and DID have my second naturally.


I don't know the details of your surgery but if you really wanted a natural birth, I'd do some research and find out if you do still have that option ;)

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