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Having first herpes outbreak and have some questions

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So I am having my first ob going on a week now I knew I was going to get it at some point I got it from my husband I was well aware he had it but im having symptoms that he said he never had, my legs are so pained it feels like I've been walking non stop the first day or so I would get sharp shooting pains in my feet now its just the back of my legs are so pained. And for the first week I had a high fever of 103 but now it has seem to gone away its been almost 2 weeks and the only thing that is bothering me now is the pain in my legs and I can't seem to go to the restroom no1 or no2.anyone have any advice just feel that I should talk with someone who has experience the same thing. Thanks!

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Hi @meganthaxton!! Welcome to the forum!


First i would like to say i think the fact that u are talking with ur hubby about this is amazing! To comfort eatchother and have eachothers backs is important with hsv.


Second.... i personally havent felt the pain before in my legs, i did tho experience severe pain on the left side of my v lip a few months ago, i took naproxen 2 or 3 times a day to help easy the pain.. but i.m.o. i think a nice warm batch with epsom salts could help relax all your nerves. Its relaxing for your mind and the body, and its healthy for ypur skin too! Treat yourself to relaxing hobbies just as you would if you really did have the flue! And maybe possibly talk to ur doc about medicine like acyclovie and valtrex, as these *may* help with the symptons u are experiencing.


I know quite a few ppl here have experienced the leg pain, hopefully they chime in soon!

As dor now, i hope my amature advice helps!?

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I never had those symptoms but my ex- hubby (who caught it from me because I didn't know I had it) did... he got horrid flu symptoms for the first few years.


You may want to check out this blog I wrote about how to deal with the symptoms .. as @willow said epsom salts baths help - I have a number of other things to help with some of the symptoms on there too. And if the pain is that bad I would contact your Dr to see if they can give you something to calm the nerve pain down a bit.




I know it feels horrid right now but remember you are only a couple weeks in ... and it feels like forever while you are in it, but it WILL get better. Just do what you can to take care of your body to help it heal and produce the antibodies faster ... especially reducing stress as much as you can...



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@ megan sounds like my initial OB. I thought I had mono, so did the doctor. 103.5 fever for 3 days, I broke it @ a dozen times only to have it back a few hours later. the aches were horrible, especially any joint I injured in my life. sore throat from hell, even ice cream hurt! yes ice cream. you just know God is pissed at you when ice cream causes pain. I did get past it, took about 2 weeks and then ( not to scare you) I developed bells palsy but it cleared up quickly. best part? they gave me antivirals for the bells palsy but not for the virus I had that brought it on, guess that's why they call it "practicing" medicine. like mono ( which I guess I could have had also) it may take a month or so to feel normal again. I had fatigue for about 6 weeks. I lost 20 pounds in a week because I couldn't eat, which not eating will affect waste disposal. on a happy note, since my original OB tried to kill me its been relatively easy on me since ( other than the recent kidney stone, and yes im blaming herpes for that, no reason just piling on).

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