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insane asylum

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I was passing by our insane asylum ( where they filmed One Flew Over the Cookoos Nest) looking at our beautiful dusk. Loooove fall by the way love the smell, colors, and not to mention The Walking Deads return eeekk!!! It never fails thinking about life. How crazy and chaotic it could be and think of those stuck behind those walls. And I'm out here listening to Credence Clearwater under the rising moon. Life it can be so beautiful and I hate not taking advantage. 2 things I feared getting this or being a patient in that enormous building within 4 enclosed walls waiting on people to feed me or being on someone else's schedule. And I'd rather be like this this is something we can control and be out running wild we can so go on, but what I'm saying is this is normalcy, enjoying life is too, cold sores more than half the world has them why fret forever. We all get dealt different cards everyday. And I know damn sure I don't want to end up in there. Although very intriguing, thinking I want to do something with those with mental issues I watch a lot of ID so it pulls me in studying killers and why they do what they do get in there deep, I want to live free just like I always have. I mean you don't wanna pass it like hot potato, but we eventually we all move on like someone with ulcerative colitis, eczema, or psoriasis can. It's a pesky part of life. I can go on so much more but people It gets so much easier:) unlike those that sadly have to live life confined.

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Thx a bunch glad my message Camera out right!!:) @inka funny its not the first time I heard that. And we do. It sucks that we gotta be diagnosed to get a grip of it ya know. It should be easier for me since I have cold sores and its the same damn thing I just thought I was smarter than this crap. It just hit me that it was there and hoe freakin easily it is spread had no clue. I mean is it bad to deal with it and be ok?

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I mean is it bad to deal with it and be ok?


Why would it be "bad"? Life throws you lemons. You can either sit there screaming at it to stop, or you start learning to duck most of them and grab a few as they go over and make lemonade and throw a party.


We have done nothing "wrong", and there is nothing "wrong" with us. We are just spiritual beings having a Human experience and we picked up a damned hitchhiker along the way. ;)



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