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To pop or not to pop

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that is the question, whether tis nobler in the immune system to suffer the burn and itchiness of growing blisters or take needles against a sea of bumps and by opposing end them? to drain, to seep and by seep we mean to end the heartache and the thousand itchy spots flesh is heir to.


so yes im asking about popping bumps and yes despite being an indiocelt urban hillbilly I dig on the bard, he sits next to tom robbins and Christopher moore on my shelf ( yes kids I own a complete works of William Shakespeare and worse yet, I pretty much understand what he is saying, I thank pot (past usage) and a lonely teenagehood for that).


so, a friend who has H2 and really bad, pops her blisters, says they heal faster that way. mine always seem to pop about the time I find em. I have though a bump, I had been told it was a "hardened cyst" in the past. at least the 2 I cut off myself ( self surgery for the win) one recently blew up and popped. herpes sore in same spot? just being rubbed by pants? aliens doing non anal intrusive tests for a change? I don't know. however the one that's been its partner in crime for the last oh, 3 weeks has decided it wanted to have its own growth spurt and is now increasing in size but not in anger, ie its not getting red. im really tempted to pop the sucker, if for no other reason than a little payback. plus im odd that way, I always want to pop my zits, not yours so keep your backs to yourselves.


so whats the current wisdom on this? ive burned some incense, chanted and did the hokey pokey backwards 3 times and all I got was a confused Michael Keaton in a striped suit.

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I just put it straight on as soon as I feel any tingling or whatever. I wouldn't pop it first unless you enjoy dancing around the house like Michael Jackson on Meth ... :P


Yeah - if the sores are open it will sting like a mofo .... but I hit it before it gets to that point anyway ... nowadays if I take my acyclovir immediately for a couple days and hit it with the alum as soon as it rears it's ugly little head I can usually knock it back before it heads up and it's totally gone in about 5-7 days.

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I pop and then cleanse with Hydrogen Peroxide a few times during the course of the day. Yes, it stings a little, but by the next morning, it is completely dry and scabbed over. Lots of baby powder down the shorts for the next few days to keep it dry. Within 2 or 3 days, it clears up.

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