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Remind me of the Rules about Oral Please

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Ok, I know this has been discussed but I can't find it and needed a refresher. I have been diagnosed with I and II. I've never had an oral outbreak but I assume the I is in my mouth, right? II is on my genitals. I am wondering about me giving oral to someone, and also receiving.


There's a video with Adrial speaking with a doctor, and the subject comes up. I believe the doctor was saying that since genital doesn't like the oral environment, and vice versa, that it's a "non-issue" and disclosure (or protection) isn't needed. But that couldn't be right, could it? I must be mistaken.


Can someone refresh us all? Wondering about the risk of me spreading I from my mouth to the woman's genitals. And her picking up II in her mouth from my genitals.


Sorry to repeat this issue - but it's good to review, right?

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I'm heading to bed so this is going to be quick:


Here is the vid with Dr Leone ... started where the Oral Sex part is.... it's worth listening to the whole thing



Regarding spreading H1 to the genitals: half of all new cases of genital H is H1 from oral sex. So you have to be very careful with oral sex.....the good news is that odds are with you that they already have h1 orally too in which case they have the antibodies already which should protect them to some degree ... it's not a complete protection but it's better than nothing.


Regarding H2 on your genitals ... only 1% of all oral herpes is H2 ... it just plain doesn't like the mouth .... so you are pretty safe receiving oral sex.


That's the basics!!!



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Usually hsv1 genital has less o.b. and deffinatly less shedding.

but i can tell u i have hsv2 genital and i have minor symptons,

where as my friends bf has hsv1 genital and had a nightmare of an o.b.

everyones body amd immune system is different tho, theres sometimes alot to take into consideration as far as symptons/prodromes and o.b s go.


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@willow got that one right ...


While there are some guidelines about how Herpes *should* show up, it's a master at playing bait and switch ... most likely due to a myriad of factors around the person's immune system, diet, stress factors, general health, hormones, age, and amount of initial "inoculation" (ie, if only a very small number of viral cells gets in vs many, I would *assume* that the body may manage to control it a lot faster).




Well, HSV1 sheds a lot less "down there" than it does in the mouth ... so that means it's (at least theoretically) also less likely to be passed on from there than from someone who has it orally. Also, given that 80% of the population already has HSV1 and 80% of them don't know it, odds are they may well already have the virus on the mouth and not know it.


50% of all new cases of genital Herpes are HSV1 from oral sex .... likely because most with HSV1 orally don't know they have it ...so that kinda gives you an idea of just how likely it is that anyone who is giving you oral would already have the virus ....


It still means you need to let them know, and I'd encourage anyone I was with to get tested so we would know the risks, but if they know they had cold sores as a kid, well, you should be pretty safe there ;)

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he has never had a cold sore


Has he been TESTED? Many people got this as a child (I got it at 4 yrs of age) and many have had an OB or two and not known it, or may even have been asymptomatic all their life. This is why I get so pissed that people are not automatically tested, because the vast majority of people get H from people who had no idea they have it ... and half those genital cases are from asymptomatic oral HSV1 carriers :/

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No he has never been tested. When I first disclosed to him he even said that maybe it was him who gave it to me because he hasn't been tested (though I highly doubt that because of the levels of antibodies in my blood - we are fairly new). Plus I am not sure what type I have yet, will hopefully know next week.


I guess the reason I am not pushing him to get tested at this point is because even if he does come back positive I'm scared it'll be because I gave it to him/: Or at least be assumed that he got it from me.


But bucking up and sucking up, I will talk to him about it. Because if he is positive then I can stop worrying so much and have the wonder stop haunting me. He seems to genuinely care about me so I doubt he will use the blame card, its just my own insecurities that make me worried about it,

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Well, if you are THAT new, THIS is the time to get him tested because odds are very low that if he is a full-on "positive" result, he's been carrying it for a minimum of 4 months, likely longer ;)


And yes, if he is positive, that takes a lot of stress off anyway. And if not, you know what you need to do to protect him :)

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Thank you! Not THAT new been physical since probably April/June? Always used protection until August (now I ALWAYS use protection and on suppressives.) The truth is it COULD* be possible I got it from him IF* he is positive now that I look back on my timeline. But my past - from my first ever post, still makes it seem unlikely that it was from him. And it doesn't matter where I got it anyways, I have it and I'm dealing with it. But anyways I will talk to him, and do what I have to do to protect him. And part of that is knowing for sure what his status is(:


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