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question about herpes on the thigh

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So i know every body takes to the virus differently..

im just wondering if the chaffing i experience at work is the cause of a tender little ingrown hair (right in the iner thigh close to my lady part)

Or is a sympton of a minor herpes o.b.?


Ive experienced all to well the joys of ingrowns when i shave "down there"

But this little episode my body is portraying isnt in that section.. its like 4 or 5 imches away from that area and, its not itchy or tingly, (ive never experienced tingly so far thru my o.b.s this year)


Im really starting to just hate that everytime i feel or see something.. im think f***! Damn herpes.

like... i just want this virus to come and go when it does, and i wishbi could stop thinking every little thing is herpes, but its always on my mind now...


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Hate to say this, but it may or may not be Herpes. Only a swab will confirm. BUT, you can try to figure out if you have started to wear a different brand of underwear or you switched detergents or whatever that may have irritated the area ....


If it's a one-off thing, I wouldn't sweat it. If it keeps returning, then see if you can get it swabbed AND start looking at what else may be causing it ... @seeker just figured out that his Tea Tree oil was causing issues ... there's a good chance something you are using/wearing/doing is causing this too ;)

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meant to respond but have been busy with non herpes related things, yay.


Back story, I had some bumps on my inner thigh real close to my special place. I was worried they might have been warts, tried the vinegar thing and notta. went to Planned Parenthood and the doc took one look, up close too and said, nope. hardened cysts. only coming off with nitro or knife. I did it myself. several months later the little bastards are back. I ignore cause they are rock hard and I don't feel like cutting myself at the moment. well one turned red and angry, blew up and popped! I don't know if I auto inoculated the cyst, if herpes found a new outlet or if I just rubbed it the wrong way. the other was fine then it turned red but never popped and is seeming to disappear. I put tea tree oil on it daily ( not as much, nor as wide spread as I used to AND with a qtip ). oh and the one that popped still has a red splotch there and its been weeks. no known herpes bumps I get do that. I know this may not help. I treat anything in the boxer area like its H as far as treatment and hygiene just as a precaution. but then I don't have a significant other who is chasing me around, or vice versa.

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Thanks for all of your input guys!

Ive come to the conclusion it wasjust an ingrown... u know those tiny hairs..

as it healed up by the end of last night.


@seeker ... what u went thru sounds absolutly devastating! Sorry to hear about ur discomfort!


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