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First Herpes and now hpv too


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I contracted herpes 6 weeks after dating my now husband. Of course we went back and forth about who had it first as we both tested positive. But, I knew I didn't have it...my initial OB lasted 5 weeks. It was so horribly painful I had to pee through a funnel I made with tin foil just to avoid urine touching the sores. I work with children so I was terrified that I could somehow accidentally pass it to them (I still struggle with this after 2 years). My husband said he must have had it and not known and admitted recently that one day he saw something on his penis but assumed he caught it in his zipper. Looking back he says it was most likely a sore. We were able to work through it and got married. 2 years after the H diagnosis I find out I'm hpv+. So now in the almost 3 years I've been with my husband I've contracted a virus I can never get rid of and now another virus that can cause cancer. My husband says he must have also had this but did not know. Now I am left to fear that I could also have something even worse. When he got tested for herpes 2 years ago he said he was tested for everything thing else and was negative. I also was tested and negative for everything else. I guess I feel so confused and now I worry that he didn't really get tested. Although difficult, I can live with hsv2 and hpv. what choice do I have? If I found out I had hiv or hepatitis I don't think I could accept that. I was so shocked when I received the letter after my annual pap smear that I was hpv + that I cried and screamed at my husband. I told him I will not have sex with him again even protected until he is tested for every possible std and I see the results with my own eyes. I am so scared of catching something else. I love my husband but I can't keep taking these risks. I had 2 pap smears prior to this recent one and both were negative for hpv so i'm confused how this latest was positive. I don't know if it lies dormant like herpes and I've had it a while. I guess I'm scared he may have cheated and gave it to me recently. Why does life have to be so hard? Sorry for the long post but hopefully someone out there can relate? I pray no one ever has to go through this in their lifetime..

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I have hsv1 and hpv too. I can't even believe I was ever upset about getting hpv, clearly never knew the worse things I had coming my way. The hpv has never inconvenienced me, the only thing that reminds me i have it my gyno appointments i have to go to twice a year instead of 1.


Oh and also I caught mrsa from a roommate once. I'm literally a walking contagion if that makes you feel any better.

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hey don't feel bad im only 22 and I have hv2 and my pap smear came back abnormal and as if getting the Herpes news wasn't horrible right after he said that he also said that my pap smear was abnormal and made it seem like it wasn't a big deal little did he know I wanted to jump off a building. long story short I had a different doctor who was very kind and explained to me that to get cancer from hpv is rare and it usually only happens to those who don't follow up with they pap smear.

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