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Olive Leaf Extract and Stomach

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As soon as I was diagnosed I started taking liquid OLE as I found it could greatly help against H. For the first week things were just fine, but a few days ago my stomach started acting up. After some further reading I found it was most likely what they call the "die off" effect from the OLE where the body rids itself of a bunch of toxins, called herxing. Quite normal apparently, and a good sign from the body. I didn't take it for a couple of days to give my stomach a break and things went quickly back to being normal. I decided to take a dose again yesterday and now I just woke up with the feeling of my stomach being upset again. Not "run to the bathroom faster than hell" upset, but I can still sense it's not 100%.


Could it be that my body is still cleansing itself, or can I expect this to be more permanent if I keep taking OLE? I would prefer to not have to stop taking it as it seems to have a very good effect preventing ob's. Maybe I should try and just take it every other day? Open for any suggestions.



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Thanks PB. I will try and lower the dose/frequency. This is all new territory as I have been lucky to having always been very healthy and never really taken any sort of medication or supplements.


I just got off my initial one week dose of Valtrex but I picked up a dose of Acyclovir to keep on hand once/if my ob returns. As of now I am taking l-lysine, OLE, D-vitamins and Flaxseed Oil. I also drink heaps of water. I am considering dropping the D vitamins and pick up B-12 and zinc supplements instead. I guess it may sound like a lot and I feel like I have gone from completely pill free to a pill popper in a matter of a week. Just trying to see what works for me though this early on.

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Its not pill popping.. theyre vitamins! Haha

Maybe go to a pharmacist and ask them what they think?

Some pharmacists specials in vitamins, others in drugs.

i would deffintaly lower ur dossage for a bit untill u get to the bottom of it!

Keeps us updated!

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Ya, I have been taking supplements for some time now as I had unrelated hormonal/skin issues that I have been trying to tackle the natural way. It's really all trial and error, and I have found that) you have to take a supplement consistently for 1-2 months to see any real results. You also have to be careful with the adverse reactions they might have, so hence why consulting a naturopath might be worthwhile at some point. Also, some supplements are ok to take long-term while others might require you to give your system a break once in a while. Zinc, vitamin C, and B complex were supplements I was taking before and have been amazing for my skin in general. I cannot speak highly enough about zinc. I've started lysine and also red marine algae, but again, hard to say at this stage if they've had any impact. I am temporarily asymptomatic (still trying to find the signs, or potentially only get internal outbreaks), so it's been a little tricky to know if those supplements have had any effect, but I think taking them just puts my mind at ease! Lol. Anything I can do to help my body is what I am doing now. That includes a decently strict diet, regular exercise, rest, meditation and lots of self-love. :)

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