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Back ache related to herpes?

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3 months into my diagnosis and I've been having back ache a lot, as well as around my left elbow and knee. It's not too painful, but enough to notice and feels a bit sickening. I never had anything like this before, but the doc says he's never heard of that relating to H, and it's more likely to be caused by anxiety/depression. Yet quite a few websites list back and joint pains as a symptom of H. I've had a cough for a while now, so my immune system is probably distracted.


Can anyone shed any light? Is it a myth, or have others experienced this?

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Herpes travels through the nerve endings to get from the basal ganglia to the surface of the skin. This is why some people experience prodrome symptoms manifesting as pain in the thighs, legs, butt (yes, literally a pain in the butt!). And ultimately, it's hard to give you a definitive answer since it could also be due to what you're doctor is saying, too. Just pay attention to the pain and see if when it comes up more strongly if it leads to a herpes outbreak or not. It could be a pretty convenient way to tell if a herpes outbreak is coming and to prepare for it (episodic suppressive medication, by the way).


Here are a few blog articles about these subjects for you:



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its a toughy. ive had some back "pain" lately and it could be, I slept wrong, I tweaked something at work ( construction) or a prodrome. if its a prodome then that's the only thing that's happening ( im on suppressive atm) to add to the confusion, I treat mine like its just back issues. heating pad and Tylenol/ibubrofen if its H related then "oh well" no diff than back pain until a bump appears.


being that its Halloween and ive been out drinking, my back feels fine right now, lol.

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Thanks guys, I'll put it down to extra tension and a bad mattress. It seemed to start around the same time as the cough as my last OB, but ill look out for a pattern. A dull ache doesn't shout out herpes though I guess. You mention pain in the ass - It did feel like I'd done 7 leg days this week at the gym. Comforting to know it's typical.

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I was having such severe pain that I thought my UTI caused a kidney infection. A few days later once sores developed, it felt like someone hit me in the hip with a sledgehammer. My doctor said it was all from the outbreak and that antivirals should help the pain, too. Sure enough, after a day or two it lessened and went away completely in about a week. There could be many causes for your pain, but that's just my personal anecdote.

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ok, the kidney thing struck me. I had some side discomfort and im not sure if it was prodomes or not. but my friend I have also had kidney stones and those can begin as a dull pain in your side and for me begin to feel like someone just cupchecked you, only ALL THE TIME!! until that little rock comes out. I also noticed that it started last time with misreading my antivral rx and taking 3 pills a day PLUS all my supplements. I cut out the supplements and went to 1 pill a day for a week before going to the correct rx which is 2 a day. now I don't take lysine nor zinc but have resumed my gummie vitamins ( yay perpetual youthfulness culture) my red krill and my emergen-C. occasionally and only for no more than 4 days ill take Echinacea/goldenseal for immune boost when feeling odd.

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Thanks seeker.. I dread the day that I have to pass kidney stones. Maybe I'll try to cupcheck myself regularly in preparation? Quite tricky to decide if it was my back or my kidney. Luckily I haven't noticed the pain over the last few days though. Understanding more each day!

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