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Prodrome Symptoms, but no outbreaks?

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Hi everyone,


I'm new to this forum and new to HSV-2. This forum has really helped me understand the virus and how to cope with it. Everyone here is so supportive and great.


Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with HSV-2, first visually, and then a culture test to confirm. When I was diagnosed visually, the doctor put me on Valtrex for 7 days. My first outbreak was uncomfortable, but still manageable. I was mostly upset when I found out. I started the meds after 3 days of noticing sores. I've been in a monogamous relationship for a year, so my natural reaction was that my partner cheated on me, but after educating myself, I realized I could have had it a long time ago and now just experiencing my first outbreak. I told my partner, and he said it could be from him, but he's never been tested positive. Anyways, I decided to stay educated and figure out how to fight this in the long run since it's with me for the rest of my life.


After my 7 days of meds, I decided to go off of it - until another outbreak started to happen. All the lesions from my first outbreak has now healed over. Right now, I'm off of my meds but I am feeling this constant tingly sensation on my upper buttocks. It's sensitive to touch, but bearable. My genitals have this constant itching feeling. I've been off of Valtrex for 3 days now, does this mean I'm having another outbreak? I'm having all these prodrome symptoms, but I don't see an outbreak. Should I go back on Valtrex? Did anyone experience this? I heard that my body is just trying to build up antibodies at the moment to fight the virus.


I would much rather stay off the meds if I can. I've been taking supplements such as vitamins and lysine. I also have an appointment with a naturopath to figure out a natural way of coping with this. But what I'm really hoping for is to never have another outbreak - which I know is unlikely.


Any type of support or suggestions on this matter would be greatly appreciated!



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Hello and Welcome!


I told my partner, and he said it could be from him, but he's never been tested positive.


Hate to say it, but odds are very high that he's never been ....unless you specifically ASK for Herpes isn't not included on the panel... even if you ask for "everything". So I would get him to get tested because that will tell you if you want/need to take the Valtrex to protect him, or just to keep your symptoms at bay.


If you both have it, then you would take the Valtrex to help suppress any symptoms that you cannot deal with. If he doesn't have it, then you both need to discuss what risks you are willing to take.


You can try L Lysine to help your body to suppress the OB's - and there are a lot of natural options at these links that may help you too ...








Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum






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Susie, I felt the same exact way for a long time after my diagnosis. I remember going to my primary care doctor (who I have seen my whole life and have a good relationship with) and just breaking down and telling her how I constantly feel like I'm about to have an outbreak. She told me it was normal, especially since your body is still building up antibodies to it. Essentially, she said to just give it time and that it takes a while for that constant tingling to go away. Honestly, I still have it 6 months later. Its frustrating though, definitely makes it hard to forget about it.

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Wondering if anyone ever had their daily prodrome symptoms go away? I had my first outbreak 6 months ago and still feel daily tingling and burning...but no second outbreak. I know this thread is old but wondering if anyone is still experiencing this or if it ever got better? Thank you! 

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I do have the same question. I got my first outbreak 3 months ago, but I keep feeling itchy and a weird feeling. At some point I don't know if it is the herpes, but also my paranoia and the heat.  I didn't get the sores in the penis but in the pubic area, son I also don't know if the shedding will happen in the penis or just in the pubic are, for what condoms wouldn't help would they?

Thank you for the great support!

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