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Skin Tag- Need your feedback ladies

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Hey guys. I am HSV2+ I am currently not experiencing an outbreak ,however I had a weird feeling down there on the left side almost felt like it was up IN my vagina on the left wall. Went to gyno yesterday my nurse practitioner was rather fast and rushed me out of there. Told me I had a skin tag and it looked a little inflamed. Gave me estrogen cream for it. It is not as uncomfortable as HSV OB but I know it is there and it makes me feel uncomfortable... almost like an itch I can't scratch (except it isnt an itch, more a dull ache) Has anyone experienced this b4 and will the estrogen cream even help????? I am only 31 years old why would I need estrogen cream? Also can this type of hormone cream cause an OB? I just went off the pill.... not sure if that is the reason why the skin tag developed in the first place. I dunno. COnfused and aggravated.... will never go back to that NP again felt very rushed. Just looking to see if anyone on here has had a similar experience . Thank you

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I would go back and ask to talk to the OBGYN to get a proper explanation of what the tag is, why it may have developed, and why they use an estrogen cream for it.


You are the CLIENT ...even though your insurance pays for most of the visit, you pay for the insurance. You need to learn to advocate for yourself and refuse to leave the office without the info you need to understand what is going on in your body ;)

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Hey, Funny enough had a friend who had something similar. She was concerned it was herpes so she told me about it. Lol. Anyways, she had it removed by a derm, and it's all gone now. Don't think it was itching though, just didn't like the sight of it. I would go back too, as dancer suggested, or go see a dermatologist. I cannot comprehend how estrogen cream has anything to do with a skin tag... Second opinion would do you some good.

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Thanks guys! She also have me lidocaine cream and tested for yeast. I just feel confused . I should have spoken up when I was there but I'm always so nervous at the Gyno ... Basically traumatized bc of hsv so I just took her word for it and rolled out. It's irritating me a little but at the same time I'm extra aware of what's going on down there bc of the hsv ... So I wonder if it's more in my head ... But I know what I feel..: oh well hope it goes away soon I haven't felt normal in awhile. I'd like some time to actually feel normal down there . ;(

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Ok, i get skin tags regularly. They usually form in places that rub against something. I get them on my neck, underarm and on my inner thigh by the boys. They can itch. I think its from irritation, it is a protruding item so its getting rubbed constantly. However, mine are all external so i just cut them off. Not sure what estrogen would do, make them emotional? The med used externally is similar to wart remover, something acidic.

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Stopped estrogen cream actually made the dull ache WORSE . I also thoroughly examined down there and see NOTHING. No skin tag or anything. Put a little lidocaine on the left labia minora. .. And now feel better . However I still feel a little pressure /weirdness. I don't know . Left message on Gyno voicemail that the estrogen cream didn't work and made it worse . Anyway! I guess I'll go spend more money n get a 2nd opinion . What a pain :/

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